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I just destroyed the cruiser so he won't be going anywhere right which is kind of awesome awesome because it's like rotten your loneliness internet troll fucker then it's just like cards and by the way that planet is blocked federation knows now no one can go there orange cones. They're going to go round happened. This is the part where i think like the prime directive fuck that blow the surface to air missile. I imagined he just goes anything that the pay not go. Just don't put it on the report. We we jostled free. Tasha yar says hello. Oh yes see that would be instead. We get that lame ass funeral. It was like fucking god ignace video. I've i've died and you're in a star trek movie here. The you'll find yourself at the end of his star trek for the dead guy from blind melon to start dancing good lord. That guy didn't do a holiday video before for a day that i have. I have a few dull like if you're seeing this. I've died on the toilet what i was doing. There wasn't none of your business. The point is i'm dead and yes. It was embarrassing. My laptop is still a private space. The even my dad i gotta tell you cut to me last night. Watching this episode this shit i was i again a little choked up through part of it. She addresses each and every the main cast one by one. We get today like fucking lowly again. That incident is like oh wait. They're just going can i. I was a private you know your was my partner in the martial arts tournament. I talking about me. Get out get. I don't funerals closed door. Memorials convinced mr don't you have a shift to get too off has nobody to talk fighting with really want to make a stink unlike some of them. Are you know whatever like oh wesley. You'll grow into a man or something fine. I don't really know you. That's okay. She gets to data and she's like mr data. My friend and i started raking you thin thin dude when she starts addressing picard. I was just crying. I was crying in this very chair. You're looking at watching this last night. Does crying art just a stunning stark indifference. Yeah i mean i watched all the episodes and i felt nothing well because they a user poorly but i do like going around. I do like she goes to war because i died with my eyes open awards fucking now. I'm harder funeral sculptor copier that funeral tech buddy. It's like solemn thing he's talking and he's like a- and then data's dislike. I don't think i got it captain weight. I feel said that she's not here to entertain me like usual usual. Oh data you've wow you've you've made the funeral about you which is the most human thing of all come into a funeral for someone else and found a way about who took herself in front of a call for what you just did gradually has tagore arrive e grandma data. I'd like war if you can get violently horny so you must deal with it in your own way the only anyone i wasn't like wesley whatever beverly whatever like beverly beverly era trained dr goes. You're the best reicher you're the best also not crying at that but what's the most fucked up one though his god damned geordies where she's making site pun oh yes he's just like jordi la forge. You taught me to look around and appreciate appreciate things in a different way. You helped me see different perspective and i'm like dude. Come on. I'm glad my fucking disability enlightening into you. You were a living joke to me. Obviously you'll like every happiness wheelchair guy down on an engineering. You're always evolved. It was seemed to be on a roll like. Is there any other blind person. We've seen billions of people i don't. I've never seen another person star trek. No not a one one not a one when she fucking says the card as an explorer. Oh oh my god oh my god you guys. Both of these episodes are awesome. I want to know what you think of who wins cook with deanna is the only one crying and it says on the thing is like oh because she was really good friends with discos..

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