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Save with progressive in two thousand nineteen speaking of tall freakish athlete corners israel newcomb from south carolina very similar to a fe to mellon who is oddly large for corner. He is six foot four two. Oh five and that's just not normal for the size of an nfl corner. Some might argue. If you're that big wire you not playing safety mean regardless plays with jesse horn. Some people believe that he might be a round to guy. I think that that's a little bit rich for me. Because he's just still kind of figuring out how to play with his body and the position. But i see somebody who is talented a very very rare athlete and again if if you wait until this far to draft a corner and you're the giants maybe you bank on a guy like this saying he'll be available in if he does slot in the spot that we project he can step in and play because he's such a physically dominant guy because he's so big and he can work with the style of defense that the giants patrick graham like run. Yeah definitely and you know. He is so big that even if for some reason he does kind of flame out at corner There is such a thing as too big too tall. Where just your body's mechanics do not allow you to drop your hips in lower center of gravity to keep up with faster wide receivers but he does have that size he does have experience in coverage he is good in zone. He has pretty good ball skills. He's actually a pretty good tackler. Which is something. I noticed watching. Jc horn yet. You could try to have him moved to safety. Maybe still get value from him in that way. Even if he isn't a corner you hope to get you could still get a very good coverage safety out of him. Yes exactly when you have that size you could possibly move him around and get creative with him another name. I just wanted to throw into the mix here. Somebody who i believe is not being talked about a ton and it doesn't really have a lot of tape from this season but we'll be playing in the senior bowl. Is robert rochelle from central arkansas. I actually had the opportunity to talk to them. Very briefly during the offseason when i hosted a a panel of fcs prospects and rochelle seems like a really good guy and regardless what. What's really interesting about. Him is very similar to these other guys long. Nfl prototypical taller corner. But because he's coming from central arkansas. Not really as highly talked about coming from a smaller level gets buried a little bit because of it and i would argue that. He's somebody who could step in. Maybe not right away but after a year or two turn into a very talented corner because he has those physical tools but it's just being hindered in terms of his draft stock because he's coming from a smaller program at the level yet and those guys being able to get into one of these all star games like the shrine bowl or the senior bowl. That can be huge for their draft stock because it gives them the chance to compete against guys from the power five conferences from these football factories to show that they are on the same level as these big name prospects that we get to see every saturday or friday night or whatever college games happened to get played and then just one more guy i want to toss on just kind of fifth round out a theme. I noticed and that is with teammates yet. We had we had to south carolina corners. We've had to georgia corners. So how about another alabama corner with josh job. Who has good size. He's a very physical player. He is he played with patrick's retain. You stuck behind. trevon digs. So he's a little bit of an unknown quantity now. There are some questions about his athleticism. But again with these alabama players. You always have to take a look at everybody because you never quite know who is going to step up. You know who is a legitimate talent in their own right and just had to wait their turn. So it's definitely worth to kind of kick over rocks with that alabama roster. Yeah in the one thing that i always stick with saying and what tends to be the case with a lot of nfl evaluators and especially like we saw last year when the draft process is a lot more difficult. They're always when you come today. Three going to lean on guys from programs that they know will be well coached and we'll also be coach and be able to play within the structure of professional team. They will these. Nfl teams will always like guys coming from programs like alabama. Because they know that you know maybe he's not as talented as some of these other players and maybe he's not as intriguing as a guy like robert rochelle who could turn into a really talented guy is a boomer boomer bus prospect instead. You're getting a safer pick with a guy like job because you know that. He's he's going to know what he has to do. And he's going to be consistent. We can week out. Maybe he's ceiling is in his high but he's capable of contributing and coming and playing special teams which is really why i like including him on. This list is because you know. It's good to have guys like that in a lot of. Nfl teams will structure their boards around. Having certain guys sought in certain spots with the expectation that there'll be a backup and a special teamer. Yeah and i think that was. Just go back a couple of years. That was the thought. Between behind. I eddie jackson who was a safety at alabama. He's slipped some in the draft but the bears drafted him and he has turned into a very good defensive player for them and a playmaker for them. So you never quite know it does pay to get guys you know have played in. Nfl caliber nfl style. Defenses who can take basically pro coaching and perform in those situations. Yes certainly certainly not. And that's big and we're going to continue to expand some of these names but for now expect on a weekly basis. We are going to hit on every single positional group that is specific to the new york. Giants needs for this twenty twenty one. Nfl draft class. Our combine coverage is still yet to be determined. Just because right now it does not sound like the. Nfl combine be happening indianapolis specifically because the ncaa tournament is expected to be played in indianapolis around the same time. And there's a lot of issues currently going on with the city of indianapolis itself and being willing to host more than just that. Ncaa tournament so we're going to provide updates on that will see how we're going to go about coverage for the the regional combines which seems like the most sense but for now stay tuned every single week as we are gonna fill you in on all of these prospects know who the giants are picking and guys that maybe you should be interested in based on how he described them. Thank you for tuning in folks. Hit that subscribe button. Please leave a review for us. We really appreciate it. Additionally follow.

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