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The border of iran national earthquake information specialist dan glickman says the seven point three magazines felt in a of the middle east uh uh uh has been poorly fell wide the all the way down to the emirates and and obviously up into turkey and iranian officials set of naples them hundred discover in fact the box on the floor ragnar ahead at the top for the second began in a row the marble superhero flick earned over fifty six milliondollar daddy's home to took second place with thirty million dollars in murder on the orient express pulled into third place with an estimated nian united flight one eight six one eight six seven from houston had to make an unexpected return to seattle today due to a possible uh uh the plane landed safely on the airline is in the process of getting passengers to houston as soon as possible road rages to blame for the arrest of a 33yearold man who allegedly shot at a car carrying two small children friday night police say the suspect reportedly fired several shots at the vehicle whose driver confronted him after believing he'd been cut off south of garfield street and park one round was uh car in the victim suspect trying to wipe him and sight when more shots were fired the victim back ought backed off and reported the incident to authorities so elliptical of your cairo 171 aspect on and off rain all day with the wind will pick up overnight into tomorrow gus around pita sound will likely be in the forty mph range we could see a wind advisory is monday right now it's 55 degrees in downtown seattle i'm carolina sariol this is cairo radio news 973 fm this is scouted from kurds in you're listening to the minute among gene.

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