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Port was for the unit from their experience scud hunting you know i do not know foof good question i don't know what we you know we just you know developed our our land reconnaissance techniques and stuff like that we had three we had three fatalities in the unit during desert storm helicopter crash that helicopter crash at our what had happened is one of our vehicles ran into a royal a big ditch and pat hurley injured his back and so we so the called in medivac helicopter to get pad out and auto clark and rod rodriguez were two medics were in that helicopter they flew out into iraq pick pat up and they were flying back to where we were working out are in saudi arabia and there was a dust storm as they approached are could see there's just this one hill not very far from the from the their strip there and the helicopter after ran into that hill and everybody on the helicopter were killed so that was our three fatalities for the unit and of course the helicopter crew to that's horrible now i remember many years ago now we interviewed dale comstock and i remember him talking about being out there and and i believe he actually saw the helicopter go down way off in the distance but let's sad story yeah yeah i had my only task was all the initial on a helicopter i've helped destroy it we just blew it up.

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