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But I did a mummy I woke up I saw I saw that was an option. I did not. Book a hotel room at Trump hotel. Pat yourself on the back. Yeah. Yeah. And I booked yeah. You know, where I you know, where I booked a hotel for queens for queens hotels at hotel here for queens. Yeah. Queens, I didn't book a hotel it. I was like give me the one. That sounds the most the, you know, give me give me the hotel. That sounds like, you know. Yes. Yes. Queen I call the yes. Queen hotel four queens, it's called four hotel hotel and casino pronounce planes for hotel and casino. That's an even bigger plot twists because now, you know, they're all going Vegas booking. You're trying to book your hotel in Vegas based off the name. No, no, no. I was finding up in like, I literally was just trying to book. Whatever was this. This dollar casino. This one must be good a second. No. They're all hotels and casinos. Yeah. Is there any just straight hotels in Vegas? Straight up. Margarita view is that there's not that's not a casino casino. Talking about a whole can't book a hotel in Vegas without like walking. Like you every time you get get back. You have to walk through the fucking Star Wars Cantina. Now, there's no there's no way around that brother. Yeah. Miss. You gotta go to the side of LA. Can I save Vegas? You know, Vegas baby Vegas, baby. That's how we live around here. Yeah. That's how they talk. New York Vegas, baby. A Vegas up Ray. Allman Vegas over here. Everybody knows everybody knows the accent. Hey, I'm in Vegas. Welcome to Vegas. Let's that's what they wanna go Banzer at the tables. That's awesome. Australia. In Virginia casinos, where were the Virginia casinos should do Virginia? Have every state has Dr casino deep somewhere. There's a weird a sketchy casino in every state. You're always you're never riverboat casinos must've been down by free WDBO. Casinos where it's not a boat. But it's like all that on some kind of body of water trailer floating on a body. You'll find those for gambling addicts. If somebody dislike like hanging out like a boat house or like some shit like that. And they just think they're on international waters. Oh, yeah. Legal. Everything's ligo. Ligo there on a lion. The law on lake havasu. Yeah. International walk. Maybe let's fucking go. Yeah. Just fucking. What's that called when you banana boats? Yeah, you're just like fucking shooting the vote. That sounds like my party this. Yeah. I was in the swan joints. Djamil you're giving us a update on Keith. Dick median if those of you that have not listened to every episode of the podcast. I described an incident wherein this is at the Boston mall. This is at the comedy spot. The hot broth open mic comedies. That was the first place. I ever did stand up those talking to a friend about this girl that I was like nervous to talk to I had never kissed girl before. I was in high school, and then Keith the comedian comes up, and he's like this is how you gotta eat pussy. You got to do with your tongue? We are I with Keith comedian older sex skies give you but sex advice interest lies, and this is the this is like my like most prominent example in my in my mind, just because like that that really stuck with me and like a bad way. It's not not even good advice. It was just like that. Exact same advice. It's not no. Literally dislike the advice was do it yet. Just the it's just like, hey, just like, you know, mostly mostly up top mostly mostly higher on the you know, a little higher than what you're doing right now. Higher up in the strike zone. Yeah. This higher in the strike zone. Yeah. Little World Series member where this folks. Yeah. Tight end tight. It's yeah. You can watch the World Series, by the way on FOX on FOX, right? Yeah. Yeah. Want to give plucking exports and watch. Yeah. Fox. I sponsor Fox Sports. Really graphic. But yes. But I was mentioning this to you before the podcast, and you had a very wholesome update starting Keith a comedian comedian is my dog he is not doing. He's no longer goes by comedians goes like, Keith Corey and stock stem, okay, docs, dachshund. Yeah. That's going to be effective the plugs. Yeah. He's funny Corey he's doing a lot of shows and he's sales cookies with our Weeden..

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