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We've got the blur entertainment news with Gordon Vashem on the blurred dance this morning. What are you gonna worry about today, sir? Well, what do Tyler Perry a bunch of happy? Happy people and one inning heaven common. We'll tell you coming on. All right. Twenty nine now with Steven Ted three big things. Cruise prepare Wichita streets were possible, nasty weather, but where we see any snow officials say they will study an intersecting south of Goddard after deadly crashes there. Billboards promote legalizing marijuana across Kansas three big things, Stephen Ted on K s. Wichitas gasoline prices this morning. We're still seeing gas prices right around one eighty nine Allen in the Wichita area. So that seems to be right around the average price there. One eighty nine not much change from what we were seeing at this time yesterday traffic update S S radio on jet chambers. Partly to mostly cloudy today. The high of thirty five degrees now cloudy and twenty three degrees at eastwind at six miles per hour. Cain is has weather. Brought to you by the monarch don't forget that the monarchs e needs in catering menu is perfect for office holiday parties. For more information. Call two zero one six six two six the monarch in Delano. Former FBI director, James Kobe. We'll go behind closed doors with house lawmakers today that story and more news on the half hour. Stephen Ted on K n s s. Your morning Expresso starts right here. Sean Hannity morning. There are only.

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