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The interior of the cathedral is obstructed by the organ in the middle acting like a screen. I know not why in real architecture. The hunger of the eye for length of line is so rarely gratified. The rule of art is that a colonnade is more beautiful. The longer it is and that ad infinitum and the nave of a church is seldom so long that it need be divided by screen. We loitered in the church outside the choir whilst service was said whilst we listened to the oregon my friend remarked the music is good and yet not quite religious but somewhat as if among were panting to some fine queen of heaven see was unwilling and we did not ask to have the choir shown us but return to our in after seeing another old church of the place we passed in the train clarendon park but could see little but the edge of a would though see had wished to pay closer attention to the birthplace of the decrees of clarendon at bishop's stoke we stopped and found mr h who received us in his carriage and took us to his house at bishop's waltham on sunday we had much discourse on a very rainy day. My friends asked whether there were any americans any with an american idea. Any theory of the right future of that country thus challenged. I thought myself. Neither of caucuses nor congress neither of presidents nor of cabinet ministers nor of such as would make of america another europe. I thought only of the simplest and purest mines..

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