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He was daybreak by the time she had done speaking. So she dressed me in my shirt and cloak as for herself. She threw a beautiful light. Gus gossamer fabric over her shoulders. Fastening it with a golden girdle around her waist and she covered her head with a mantle. Then i went about among the men everywhere all over the house and spoke kindly to each them man my man you must not live steeping here any longer said i to them. We must be going for. Sursee has told me all about it and on this they did as i bathed them even so however i did not get them away without misadventure we had with us a certain youth named eleanor. Not very remarkable for sense or courage who had got drunk and was lying on the house top away from the rest of the men to sleep off his liquor in the cool when he heard the noise of the men bustling about he jumped up on a sudden and forgot all about coming down by the main staircase so he tumbled right off the roof and broke his neck and soul went down to the house of haiti's when i had got them in together i said to them. You think you are about to start home again but sursee has explained to me that instead of this we have got to go to the house of hades and prosper pena to consult the ghost of the thebigm prophet use. The men were broken hearted as they heard me and threw themselves on the ground groaning and tearing their hair but they cannot mend matters by crying when we reached the seashore. We being lamenting our fate sursee brought the ram and the you and we made them fast hard by the ship. She passed through the mist of us without our knowing it for who can see the comings and goings of god if god does not wish to be seen..

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