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Plan to keep the government open. The question now is it possible for them to devise a proposal that could pass the house and the Senate then moved to the president's desk for his signature right now does feel that way. Here is our twenty four seven reporter bills infra choices. Now Bill doesn't look like they're making much progress. Well yesterday was the first meeting of this group, the seventeen members of the house and Senate who are tasked with the job of of coming up with some type of agreement to keep the government open past February fifteenth yesterday. Hey, everybody agrees on this committee that additional resources are needed for border security things. Like additional personnel upgrades in technology, but it all comes down to that physical barrier along the southern border that the president has demanded by point seven billion dollars for they're still start divides, even on this committee as to whether money should be allocated for this. In fact, Democrats initial offering on this was zero dollars to go to a physical barrier along along the southern border. So yeah, there's a lot of work to be done here. Now all of the sessions, and they'll be working every day on this thing will be behind closed doors now yesterday was a public session. And that is expected to be it. I think it's interesting that Senator ROY blunt of Missouri said that the doing our job by definition means nobody gets everything they want will this apply to the president. I think that's going to be at the huge question here. Whether he is willing to. Back off of that five point seven billion dollars. But I'll tell you the truth Ron the fact that he was willing to go through with thirty five day shut down because of that demand. Doesn't lead you to believe the president's going to budge on that. So here we go. We're already a week in only two weeks left to get this done. And there's a large Chinese delegation in DC for some new rounds of trade talks in new to the marketwatch's that quite closely. Yeah. And this'll this'll go a long way toward stabilizing our financial markets as well as the Chinese markets and the global economy if we can get something done day one yesterday yesterday, and these are high level talks, featuring the vice premier of China day one yesterday, Steve Mnuchin, our Treasury Secretary said all good. They will meet again today. I don't think anybody's expecting an agreement out of this Ron, but if we can get positive news coming out of this. You'll see a little bit of a jump in the markets as well, they expect one or maybe even two more meetings between the two countries before a March first deadline. Line to get a deal done. Okay. Bills. Infor from our twenty four seven network with a little DC wrap their thanks Bill. You're welcome. Seven forty eight now, Milwaukee county medical examiner's, blaming another death on shoveling snow police found fifty five year old Charles Lampley frozen inside his garage at his home on Milwaukee's northwest side yesterday the medical examiner saying that he was near his shovel unlikely collapsed after he was done shoveling. The report also said that he had been outside overnight as the garage door was open Lampley would be at least the fourth person to die from shoveling snow so far this winter in Milwaukee county alone and the ninth during this polar vortex wind chills in the area. Currently at minus thirty four degrees in the Milwaukee area. President Trump weighs in on. What should be done when when special counsel Robert Muller finally does release? His final report is FOX's Sean lens gel in DC. President Trump says he has not spoken with acting attorney. General Matthew Whitaker about the end of the Russia investigation. The president's daily caller eats up to the Justice department decide how they will handle the final report saying he's chose. New quote, stay out of it. Democrats have long way the Trump administration will try to undermine the probe. There's currently a bipartisan effort led by GOP Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa Democrat, Richard Blumenthal, Connecticut's require the special counsel to submit a report to congress in Washington, Shawn liangelo, Fox News, seven forty nine NewsRadio nine twenty four seven FM. We'll get to traffic in just a second. Here. We talked about this a little bit yesterday. And a neighbor of Senator rand Paul yesterday was ordered by a jury to pay the Kentucky Republican five hundred eighty thousand dollars in damages and medical expenses after he attacked Paul back in two thousand seventeen remember tackling them and breaking several of his ribs Paul had sued this guy, an anesthesiologist Rene Boucher who blindsided him while Paul was doing yard work at his home. Boucher has already served a thirty day prison sentence in this criminal case. And he was apologetic. And he said that he wasn't thinking rationally when he tackled Paul after seeing them begin to form. A brush pile near their property line. You testified that he burned another brush pilot day earlier that Paul had created near the boundary in an explosion. While he was doing it had burned his face neck in his arms, and they was still in severe pain when he attacks. Paul also said they had hauled away brush piles at Paul had made before and had tried to talk to his neighbor about it, but he was brushed off. But this neighbor is ordered to pay Senator rand Paul five hundred eighty thousand bucks control, your temper that was a costly mistake. Seven fifty NewsRadio nine twenty one zero four seven FM and our traffic.

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