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Said it's it's a kindle book no it's a PDF really Jerry you can read about your temple you can read them on telephone any readers yourself okay great Dr and they can get that through your website south returns dot com yeah three Bucks does Seth ever give you feedback after he's talked to you or after you've been channeled with him yes he does he often does if he's interested in giving has messages translated into the written word to decide sling so he'll often tell me well that's not really what I meant there let's do that again so connect them we channel the again and he makes himself known usually what he does is he says are you going to bring you a little bit deeper for the so we can get clarity the need it's weird though because when he takes me deeper I don't remember a thing about what happened but afterwards I read the material and he's right it's it's more clear and profound all right let's go back to the calls very in rock hill South Carolina hello my friend or yeah call maybe monitored but listen this is your show we're marking Carol is not give me yeah George back but I mean there's no doubt we will we'll channel you the next time them so y'all got national I want to be on the panel and old go Josh will be along in Georgia where.

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