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Between Patsy and this crime. We have a connection between Patsy and the ransom note and a connection between Patsy and the grat. Yeah. Although we don't have real confirmation of the ransom note yet that likely was written by Patsy just that the handwriting was kind of similar well and not even considering the handwriting the point that it was her notepad. Yes, you're right. And that there was a possible practice note inter note had so the detective had found the source of part of the murder weapon, and where it had been broken because the detective had touched Giannis body. Another technician collected her g. Jeans and black blouse. So it was important to take the clothing from the detective because fibers from her clothing would be used for limitation purposes against any fibers discovered on the body. But when you think of all the people and everything that happened. It really is a forensic nightmare. So whether doing this no one bothered to collect the clothing that had been warned by either the Ramseys and both of them had been in contact direct contact with John Benes body. I huge legal fight would ensue over the following months as police tried to get custody of their clothing. Particularly patsies red turtleneck sweater her black and red check blazer Andrew for coats. And they fought that. The Ramseys foot that like crazy long-time forever time. Separately, also canvas the neighborhood. There was an elderly couple of costs the street who said they had seen John Ramsey's older. Son in job as half, brother. John Andrew Ramsay at the Ramsey home on Christmas day on the afternoon of December twenty eighth nineteen ninety six police allowed entry to the house to one of. Patsy Ramsey sisters from Atlanta pay 'em paw. So that she could get clothing for. Patsy. John Burke to wear to jonbenet's funeral. Accompanied by detective, Mike Evert poss- pen hours making at least a half a dozen trips throughout that house to take a large amount of the Ramseys possessions out of the police car. So it's not like she walked in with the policeman and took two outfits out of the closet. She had collected. She had rain of that household. She was all over the place, and that police car was track a block full of possessions. So it's a huge mistake and police procedure because absolutely nothing should be removed from an active crime scene, especially still so early in the investigation. It's only been two days. So she never should have been given authorisation to even enter the home. The thing she removed included stuffed animals from Jon Benet bedroom. Dresses for Jon, Benet, tears has sports Bank records toys for Burke, clothing, jewelry, and credit cards minute. Almost feel like if I didn't know better. And I Don. Not necessarily know better that John Ramsey had something on the police department. Why are they letting this happen? The other thing. It sounds like the stuff. She took was things that had been directed for her to take. Ramsey ramsey. So Pam, I want you to go to our house and gathered these things all I can say that. But I'm just astounded that they were allowed to get in the house and take stuff. What about the passports when they stayed? They didn't. Yeah. Okay. Well, I guess we've really hammered home how the investigation was botched. I don't wanna keep beating a dead horse over that. So let's go over the possibilities in probabilities of how Jon Benet ended up dead in her basement. One theory focuses on Patsy is Jon Benet killer. It was rumored in the months leading up to her that Jon Benet had started to pursue her independence. And that she was testing the patients of her parents since Jon Benet suffered from some bed-wetting the theory is that Jon Benet had wetter self the night. She was killed and that was the last straw scenario for pets. So Patsy stressed in annoyed at having to cleaner up than physically attacked or structure. So it would be kind of an accident killing, but she actually would have killed her by your own hand in that scenario. She would've the chief coroner in medical examiner. Dr Robert brisy concluded that the cause of John McCain is death was strangulation along with a head injury that occurred shortly before Patsy could've impulsively hit shot in the head with a heavy object knocking her unconscious. So this injury was probably fatal. You said. Right. That's that's the impression and would have killed her. Okay. And Patsy maybe she was too frightened to take Shamanee to the hospital or call for help. So she chose to cover it up so Cording to this theory pets, he took the time to fabricate a false kidnapping in order to cover up what had happened. So the whose kid with serious head injuries, who's comatose probably dying. And so she pets he's going to cover up this accident. Per possibly accidental thing maybe not accidents. But but not meant to kill her. But the thing with that is I don't think that you hit a child that hard and less. You're already been abusive in the past. This is not a smack. Good porn. Well, who's who's the flesh -ly? They think. Well. Yeah. In that documentary? I was talking about they said that the flashlight fit exactly into the fracture of mini skull your. So he thought that was the probable weapon delivered with good amount of force. He yeah. But it was a heavy flashlight. So that's the theory, that's one theory. And then when you analyze the handwriting of the ransom note, John Ramsey was cleared, the possibility of having written the note, but Patsy could not be eliminated. So handwriting experts from the Colorado bureau of investigation concluded that the handwriting. Writing samples showed characterizations that the writer ransom note was none other than Patsy Ramsey. Yes. And we've seen this examination. It definitely does look like her handwriting or does and then possession and another word business where misspelled, but there were other more sophisticated words, I would argue that were spelled correctly. So it's like they're trying to throw the reader off. Yes, seems like that. But you know, it's really hard to write that much stuff. And hide who you are hide your your own writing tendencies, your own wording of things for in the book, we read the head of an expert a linguistics expert from New York who was testified that the syntax of the note was at sees. Yeah. Yeah. There were some things that indicated it was a female, right? There were a lot of things that indicated it could have been her also. The amount of the ransom which you mentioned briefly one hundred eighteen thousand dollars was pretty much the exact amount that John Ramsey had received his Christmas bonus from his company. So this suggests that the person who wrote the note head knowledge of this also typically kidnappers are greedy. And we'll demand a much larger some of ransom. Sure, the Ramsey's. John Ramsey who's worth millions. So it's kind of odd to the police anyway that whoever had written the note was demanding such a small ransom when compared to the wealth of the family. Yes. So let's touch upon the unknown intruder as the killer Lino, neither of us really believed that, but I think we need to touch upon it as a possibility because we don't know we don't. So the note was evidence that would suggest an unrelated kidnapper if you're taking it at face value. But the details, of course, didn't add up for investigators. The FBI stated that the leaving of nearly three page ransom note was something that had never. Been seen before an any other kidnapping investigation. Ransom notes usually very short and concise with just enough details to make their point particularly in this case. The the paper for the note came from paper in the house and the writing implement was from a pen in the house. Yes. So it's pretty much figured that the kidnapper or perpetrator wrote the note in the house. Yes. So if that's the case who's going to write a two and a half page note while you could be discovered it anytime lose other occupants in the house, I know expensively asleep. But who knows on what about the rough draft there the practice knelt? Well, it's not definitively rough draft trial just when you look at the total thing the noted self and those first few characters does suggest it was a practice note. Well, just imagine going to kidnapping and deciding that you're going to not bring. Your own note or even your own paper or pen. You're not gonna bring any weapons you're gonna use something that you just happen to find in the basement. And if you wanted to kidnap her why would you even go to the basement there'd made much easier ways to leave that house with her? The alarm system was not on it would have been difficult if gained interest to the house to that broken window. Well, very difficult. I've seen some reenactments trying to do it in. It's really very small. You can do it. But not without disturbing things that were there, this is gaining entrance. How about trying to exit with an unconscious child? He. Yeah. No. It really doesn't make sense. So to experts who ever had written that note had been trying to hide their educational background to make themselves appear is maybe they were foreign because it said foreign faction, and we know the police confirmed that there were no signs of forced entry on any of the doors or windows. Right. The broken window. Had been broken by John months before he's locked himself out of the house. That's right. Yeah. Broken that window to gain entrance to the house and never bothered to repair the window. So if it wasn't a family member it had to be someone who had a key or at least had access to make a copy of key. Also, the Ramseys they did have a burglary alarm system, but they rarely used it. Now, I can tell you from experience if I have an alarm system by God, I'm going to use it. Sure. Especially when you go to bed at night suckers on right when we're both here not here. And if you have two small children, and your that wealthy find it odd. Now early in the investigation Patsy suggested the possibility of the housekeeper remember as the suspect because the housekeeper headed keep at the house and Patsy recalled that in the months leading up to Christmas the housekeeper had asked for two thousand dollars from the Ramseys to help her pay her rent now another. Time. She said that the housekeeper made an offhand comment wondering if the Ramseys forever worried about someone kidnapping Jon Benet because she was such a beautiful child. But there was no evidence ever found that the housekeeper was a real suspect. I don't see someone asking to borrow two thousand dollars as someone who's going to kidnap a child and ask for a hundred eighteen

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