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I spoke with her optimistic after hearing the president elect's ideas. They say Having a federal strategy is welcome after seeing such a slow initial rollout of this vaccine. Now both doctors I spoke with, say President elect Biden's plan of 100 Million vaccinations in his 1st 100 days in office is certainly attainable now that they have a plan that will be in place to improve this process. Dr. Nathan slicker with the State Medical Association says Biden's plan to try and get clinical and non clinical professionals to help with vaccinations will be key so long as they confined folks willing and able to inoculate People off of the front line. Future medicine to be Vaccines makes the challenge of situation worse, so I think we are gonna have to creative your top of the National Guard. I think we can train people to get I am injections way do it all the time when they need it for their own medical care. Even with this optimism of potential improvements, he says, a lot more work has to be put in on behalf of the federal government and the states. Before we can say we're close to returning to normalcy, it The State Health Department has released the newest totals in our Corona virus outbreak reports nearly 286,000 total cases, which includes confirmed and probable cases. Nearly 300. More people have been hospitalized. However, that number is bigger than usual because of a backlog in reporting, the state added 27 more deaths, pushing the death toll to more than 3900 since the start of the outbreak. State capital remains on high alert. Right now. The Capitol building and nearby offices are surrounded by a fence lined with state troopers and National Guard members. This comes as the FBI warns of credible threats to all 50 states capitals between now and inauguration Day. Over Chelsea Oddsson with the Washington State Patrol says they're ready for any possible threat. We are aware of recent general threats made by specific groups and individuals that would potentially disrupt operations here and capitals across the nation, So we're being prepared just in case She says they have not heard of any specific threat in Olympia. The fence and guards will stay in place until at least next Wednesday. Former Republican gubernatorial candidate Lauren cult is withdrawn. His lawsuit against the secretary of state campaign ended their legal efforts after attorney Stephen Pigeon faced ethics and legal complaints for allegedly filing frivolous lawsuits, according to the Times. Both the attorney general and the State Democratic Party have been seeking disciplinary action against pigeon who has aligned himself with all right conspiracy theories. He had previously pushed the false narrative that former President Barack Obama was a secret Muslim who sought to impose Islamic law now, even though Lauren coach legal efforts to overturn his election laws have now ended. Stephen Pigeon could still face disciplinary action from the courts or the state bar for filing lawsuits with false and unsubstantiated claims. Jeff Pooja look Come on news. Thank you. For Congress member Jamie Herrera. Butler's facing backlash from her vote to impeach President Trump. Five term Republican said on the House floor. She was not afraid of the political consequences. My vote to impeach are sitting president is not a fear based decision. I am not choosing a side and choosing truth. It's the only way to defeat Fear Letter to WHO our butler, a group called the Clark County Republican women says they will quote do everything in our power to elect a conservative candidate who were it represents our values. Lawmakers in Olympia had their first public hearing on a major police reform bill that would affect Washington's 11,000 peace officers. Comb Oh soo Romero report The Criminal Justice Training Commission certifies law enforcement in the state of Focus of House Bill 10. 82 is on D certifying officers that have shown misconduct, many who spoke or family members of people who died after interactions with police. Elaine Simon says the officer who killed her foster son should not have been on the job in his 11 year. Career. He is responsible for three of nine killings in Auburn Washington. To me, that is a serial killer. Law enforcement agencies opposed the bill, which would also change the makeup of the training commission, with fewer police and more private citizens. Maura Than 70% of the members of the commission would not be experts in or be subject to the rules of the actions of the commission. That's Jim McMahon with the Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police chief's soup. Romero. Come on, Use someone whose time 11. 40 and for the Beacon Plumbing Sports desk tonight..

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