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Think it'd be spain they can surely give a game croatia do you think they will do you feel croatia i guess is the favourite it would be the favourite in this game how do you feel about that you think russia has got a good chance to win this game i think croatia is gonna win the game but i thought staying with beat russia's well i like in terms of quality of choline was for me the best team in the tournament during the group stage they weren't as good in the last game against denmark and denmark maybe figured out how to get sand croatia's michio you know the russians might be able to do the same and play for penalties but i think overall croatia's clearly the better team in russia and they should the band how big a deal is it that germany went out i mean it would defending champion from the last world cup they went out kind of very unser omonia sleep i mean how big a deal was it that they did not make it into the knockout round i mean it's a huge huge story that nobody expected this world cup has had the most surprised that any world cup i've covered okay but what is interesting to me is for the last five defending world cup champions have gone out in the group stage of the following tournament interesting i know it's a small sample size still it does make you wonder if winning a world cup causes players to become a little lax media coach to stick with players too long germany desert to go out you know they'll also mexico they lost the south korea they were a little too old to slow that most people i know the pics to win the tournament before it started so it's it's still a huge surprise i can't believe it happened i how england now interesting game is sweden and england sweden switzerland last week and it was one nil was that game england won on penalty kicks right did they not they won the game on penalty kicks to get to the to the round of eight here how about england i it's what what is it nineteen sixty six i believe the last time they won a world cup is my right cnn that's correct it's a very kind of fielded story right now just angling team because it's it's sort of a new type of england team that we haven't seen the passage younger the players are very likable and they're playing pretty good soccer you know and they're on the weaker side of the bracket so the now see a path to get to the world cup final and i think he's going to be a difficult game it's gonna be a grind but the better team i into more entertaining team and we'll see if they can keep it going grant wallace sports illustrated he's in moscow for the world cup right now with down to the final eight if the elite eight of the world copies also got a book out called masters of modern soccer will the united states grant ever get to the point where they are realistically have a shot to win a world cup in any any way shape or form in any any type of near future well i mean they have on the winning side many times down the inside the point that i would make is that in the two thousand two world cup the us got to the quarterfinals outplayed germany in the quarterfinals and had a bad refereeing call keep them from a penalty and a red card for germany if the us had actually won that game they would have been in a semifinal against south korea with the chance to go to the world cup final that was sixteen years ago in two thousand two right right so the us obviously isn't in this world cup he didn't qualify they didn't but things can happen surprises happened that we've seen in this world cup and i look ahead to world cup twenty six now where the us along with mexico and canada just how they will be hosting world cup twenty six and i think the.

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