Vice President Biden, Jim Jordan, Senator Rob Portman discussed on Saturday Morning Update with Rick Fowler


As for his appointments, in many cases, one could almost see the fine hand of Joe Biden himself. In picking people. Tony Blinken, his secretary of state, is one of his closest advisers having run the staff of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee for Chairman Biden. And served as national security advisor to Vice President Biden, Merrick Garland beaten for the Supreme Court, or I should say, not even giving a hearing. When Barack Obama named him now gets a chance to be attorney general and will probably have the support of many Republicans in the Senate who claim that they would have voted for him if given the chance. Put him on the high court. And of course, many of his old friends are around him in the White House from White House chief of staff run plane to the first woman to be secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen. These appointments come directly from Mr Biden himself. From those that he knows best. I might add one other things on a personal note. There's a lot of sense of relaxation around the White House at 78, the oldest president in American history is not going to be traveling. He is not going to be tweeting late at night, and he is not going to take opportunities to pick any partisan fights. In other words, he isn't Donald Trump. He works a 9 to 5 routine, spends a lot of time with his family and with his two dogs, champ and major So for the most part, we have the image of calm and cool now, as legislation comes to Congress, as the administration's seriously contemplates a tax increase, and Aziz we Rook at more power. Coming in the form of regulatory majors and these executive orders. We're going to see a president with whom the honeymoon will soon be over and we'll see the traditional Fisticuffs of the right and left in Washington. Major disappointment this week in the Republican Party, where Ohio Senator Rob Portman said he will not run for re election in 2022. What's behind that, Uh, very simply Rob Portman, a George W. Bush Republican. In fact, former budget director under President Bush. 43 just did not like a lot of what he called partisan infighting in Washington, and he was ready to go back home. I might add that he also realizes that the Buckeye State Is increasingly becoming a Republican state where the May primary is tantamount to election, So he retired without fear of loss to his party. So there was speculation that representative Jim Jordan might run for his feet. What are you hearing there? Jim? Jordan has since said he is not running and I might add Rick That had he run. He would have had all the money he needed from his appearances on talk shows, and he also would have most likely had Pre primary endorsement of Donald Trump. A zit. Turns out he wants to stay in the house and a whole new cast of characters has emerged for the Senate. Jane Timken State Party chairman and also on the Trump train from the beginning. In fact, President elect Trump personally made phone calls. Who helped her get elected state chairman over an ally off former Governor John Case IQ Another Possibility, J. D. Vance, lawyer and author of the critically acclaimed bestseller Hillbilly Elegy, which tells the story of so many disenchanted Americans and why they like politicians such as Donald Trump and Steve Stieb, Ear's congressman from Columbus. As chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee, a solid conservative, But like Rob Portman, Loki Guy, the point is one could have 345 Republicans. They could mix it up in a primary, and given the fact Democrats can't come up with a name candidate, they're pretty likely to keep this seat in their pocket. John we're almost three months since the November election, and New York's 22nd district still hasn't been decided. What's the latest there? For the latest. There is that affidavit, ballots were finally examined and counted in the largest county in the district, Oneida. County. There were roughly 1400 affidavit ballots and let me explain what I mean by that. That's when it is questionable whether a boat can be accepted. The voter fouls and affidavit explaining why he or she should vote and then it's considered later by elected officials..

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