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Boy high powered offense. They can't deny that. I wanted to score league. They're scoring without tarasenko to which is very impressive and They lost alex. Betray angelo offseason. Who was a very big power. Play guy for them. cult perico. Who i think is another one of the best defense league. He's having a bit of a down year and they're still managing to be okay. As long as they can mitigate long enough for him to get back on track skull tending beddington just has the stretches where he's very questionable is either next campbell lord. Yeah he he honestly might be. You know there may be. He might just be riding on that cup win for the rest of his career. Who knows Well they signed so far and once again. this is another theme. We haven't been able to gauge everything. Something's avenue face each other so far or they've only face each other so like they've only played three games between them and and other vegas colorado doesn't say much. What make an assumption. But the next thing will go over is the arizona coyotes. They just finished. They just finished playing each other seven times half their games. They played fifteen and sixteen games against each other. The coyotes hung with the blues. Their priorities won the series four three. Yeah so even though. Maybe internally the coyotes appalling part because katie strang came out with a athletic article that just shows how utterly disastrous the coyotes are internally with as ever since this new said that they have started which they were trying to trade away. All of recommend larson in the offseason and everyone was basically for sale. But they've had an urgent of young players like garland clayton keller castle to get his scoring touch back. I'm sure if engine was here he would ask. This question is kind of this. So i have this. I want to see what you think of it. I've this wild idea. Maybe not too wild in the grand scheme of the nhl. Because it's been something that's been done before. But i i thought of what if the nhl instead of contracting. Have you merged the arizona coyotes with the florida panthers meaning we get the best of both worlds the best players we might have like. I'm just saying you get all the young prospects all all goodies that you love. We get all the best of the best from them. We just ship off all the deadly. We get from both franchises. Your fill away arizona. Things didn't work out in the desert over there make everybody else. Happy seattle's any tells the seattle thirty one team now and so you get a thirty second team. You get some of that expansion draft or expansion money from group that wants to team in. I don't know you stayed or quebec. Whatever the hell you. And you have a bolstered. Florida panthers franchise and sunrise with oliver ackman larson with aaron ick. And just imagine. Just imagine if that were to happen ask just all the panthers offense with air blab the coyotes defense and the coyotes goaltending the best of both the best in he. Suddenly you have one last problem franchise. Nhl and we can stop hearing people talk about relocation. That's my wild idea. Anne tells done this before they did it with the minnesota north stars when they merged them with the cleveland..

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