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Elsewhere to tuck under the tree, here's what some marketers are up to and stores from cherise Jones national business correspondent at USA today. Sheri's what are you hearing? Everybody is fine for a piece of that twenty seven billion dollar pie. You know, toys arrest was such a huge player in that space. And now that they've basically closed up shop you've got grocery stores and drug drugstore chain and other big box stores that are already put it dented toys R recipes fortunes that are really trying to increase the space and roll out the experiences and get those exclusive toys that are going to get customers to come their way and avoid their competitors. Wow. Grocery stores to L. Yeah. Kroger already is one of the biggest sellers of Hot Wheels. Which a lot of people may not realize that you already had some that were kind of playing in that arena. But now that there's this huge opportunity. A lot more folks are trying to kind of dive into it Sam's Club party city has got these Choi a city stores that are opening up as pop ups during the holiday season. I'm so a lot of folks are trying to kind of win over that customer who no longer has toys R us has an option. To go to. So are there corresponding marketing efforts to go alongside this? You know, they're all making a really big deal about the fact that they've got you no more I'll space devoted to toys which target is doing. Walmart's Quinn have I believe one hundred and ninety thousand different events this holiday season. And a lot of that involves, you know, picking the picture with Santa it also coming and I'm boxing toys, seeing toy demonstrations. And so they really definitely are trying to sound the the bell that they're open for business that they've got all of these great items that their kids may want for the holiday, so come check them out. What's an online sales will that change at all? You know, I think that you know, Amazon is already as with everything else. You know, become a very big player in that space as well. And we haven't heard a lot about what sales are going to have yet. But there is talk that Amazon is going to have a big gifting catalog vis gear, which is going to be something that's new, and so I think you're gonna see the sales happening in both spaces. Walmart's Glynn half forty percent more toys online than a tad in the past along with three hundred toys that you can't get anywhere else. And so, you know, at this point online and brick and mortar are really of a piece. Right. You know, you can't be in business and not playing both spaces. And so you're going to see choice sales. I think both online at an actual store the guy from Mattel that you talked to said something about like the new stores coming on the senior reference party city, which I only think of like as decorations and costumes or something what's happening there. Right. Right. So they've got about fifty five toys city pop up cynically. Be around this holiday season. A lot of them are next Halloween city stores, which obviously are going to be out of business as tomorrow. But they've got these choice that he pop ups you've got old players like FAO Schwarz that are coming back on the scene. They closed up their landmark store in New York three years ago, whether opening up a new one a new flagship in rock plaza it this month, and so that's another place where folks can now go, plus they've got pop up in stores like Bloomingdales, and and other big chains. And so again, even if you don't have your own standalone shop, you have a lot of different players that are trying to have a presence in other retailers to take advantage of the void left by toys. R us Jones national business correspondent at USA Today. Thirty minutes now after the hour on This.

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