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Dot com. The price tag on that hip new pair of jeans never says about forty dollars a box of mini marshmallow puffed cereal isn't starting at four ninety nine. So is the price of a new car such a guessing game at Hyundai? It's now possible to know the price of the car you want up front, we call the transparent pricing, and it's just one part of all new shopper assurance program designed to save you time, hassle and headache. Because shouldn't find your new car? Enjoyable driving at home car buying eighties here it's possible with Hyundai shopper assurance. Visit Hyundai USA dot com slash shopper shirts for program. Details I do my best when I feel safe and inspired to that's a school thing. I want better opportunities in my parents that we need to prepare students for the jobs in the future. That's a school teachers like the professionals. They are that's the scooper thing school transform communities schools two two five six eight to learn about school board meetings that school two two five six eight to learn more from execute message and data. Rates may apply. Battle is personal. From AllState arena. Michael Chandler, the lightweight title on the line championships champs super fight against the trio pit bull. Plus, the welterweight grand prix continues. Douglas, Lena faces the most electrifying man in Michael venom, pay former pro wrestling champ Kager returns to the Bella Torquay. Faye eleven from AllState arena. Tickets available now at TicketMaster dot com. Missing the game because the curator issues at work while guess who's not missing the game. Here appears who rely on Trend Micro hybrid cloud security Trend Micro gives you a team forward-looking passionate people protecting your organization with their beyond generation strategy. In fact, one of those guys sitting in your seat, right? Trend Micro protecting five hundred thousand organizations worldwide backed by threat research, that's beautiful. Discover more at Trend Micro dot com slash.

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