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Yup because there when i smell are you talking about who i think you're talking about when when when i was when we got back to cleveland i had to thank our reverend stang profusely for solving that that summer is a problem for me without any interaction from from for myself at all you finally got moment i'm just kidding i i've i've known her a long time she's she's all right she's just she just needs to be centered to tell the truth i don't actually know who we're talking i would howard often come on you having take that many people out of x day i was actually in the band with her for like a day i she was going to be the singer and i wanted to call the band attractive nuisance but the name was already taken okay now i know who we're talking i i seriously doubt she's listening but if she is seriously i love you don't don't take don't take it away beautiful she was great improv performer for my wideangle wide screen video camera one starwood dawn member the bonds fall i can never ever be on youtube for fifty obvious jay green read on starwood festival after the privacy is important manage great little twenty minutes fifteen minutes arison discord in joy juice was being passed around and i had a poignant juice posers anguish elixir and it was the anguish serum as i remember and she she also fat man distribute the anguish lesser as kind of an antidote to the discordant joint you as kim talk about 'em site jokes old ancient site tall but man it was fun live the stuff tasted horrible wipers vodka vodka with what was it some kind of jews orange flavored driver in some nicely labelled judd and it was being handed out by a pair of nicely paypal jugs of at least two different helpers while i videotape that's nothing kind of thing you.

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