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Toward the end of Neal's therapy doctor. Mueller was diagnosed with cancer. It made her weak and in the last year she would disappear during their sessions for long stretches in the bathroom. The last it's time I saw her she. She shook my hand goodbye. I was very brave. Gracious dignified thing. The way she did it she said. Good luck I mean. She meant that she was like saying. Good luck with all of you. All of you kneel just good luck and she looked me in the eye and anyway so she shook my hand and forever's Lake burnt into my brain about a year after Neil stopped singer at the age of seventy seven. Dr Mueller died of cancer As with me Dr Muehler wasn't very interested in learning about Neal's past but unlike me from time to Time Neil did learn something about hers Bruce particularly towards the end as the bigger issues in his therapy receded and a sort of friendship emerged. They just talked sometimes a better better family life back in Germany. I think they were fairly wealthy. I think of right professional wealthy family. Her father was a doctor. They had a beautiful home. Tom Many stories and then The Nazis came and they absconded. They're in their home and used it for headquarters and her bitterness about the war. Is that as a German. She was regarded as the enemy. So I think that kind of smarted. She constantly constantly talked about Jews not the only victims and it was confusing her for her to work with Jews. I think she'd never said that. But I I think that you know his a lot of Jewish people in Montreal and the attitude toward sermon so I think that had to play back on her own wounds because she exposed her ones and I think I always thought that her we were. Also we're a part of her therapy.

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