Martin Van Buren, President Trump, Tim Andrews discussed on Herman Cain


Of all time hours like martin van buren you know at that martin van buren he said what he met eighty feared what he said i hope madam like bad i in pulp eddie wire wayne air to goodwin is william henry hair sipahioglu tyler too that's what i say to this poll was somewhat progressive though because it they did call cell phones to it's not just got a bunch of more idiots had hi everybody in the poll good or bad as somebody who's been president in the last fifty years so does make any sense abe lincoln george washington that'll don't make the list i guess non they were slaveowners abe lincoln yeah heavy high athena said they aladi i wasn't aware of that i wasn't aware that a all day he was white array of the sea do the man yes this next study comes from mit you are we still doing studies yes other surveys and also because of the data said that we wanted to cover all these things i love you like me tim andrews but when i hear studies surveys and polls makes me want to dance now i let good dance music by hence wiput the discotheque music on of making fun of go ahead okay uh so this study from owners were really understod this really struggled this this next that is the first time ever thought down by his alcoholism yeah he's usually a functional alcoholic gotta say this morning between all the alcohol in the atlanta united game i real he goes to atlanta united gave starts out everything starts with the brunch where that nato thing these drunk before you even gets there and we wish marty were responsible because we weren't in this state you can't branchville 1230 so we bought everything ahead of time on saturday all we could brunch together sirleaf the lobby dare yes he was operated by ten am we were you had see you had a beer why the law you wanna be soccer hooligans next survey study indoor pole all right this size next that he comes from mit where it says that uh basically false news stories travel way faster than the truth among social media platforms we need a study for this yeah but we already know somebody studies of.

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