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These sas and when it breaks ties michael rose alive from the twenty four hour efforts underway in california and exotic muslims legal with decriminalized possession of the drug but experts are sceptical at the set skeptical about dangerous side effects dr michael levine's emergency medicine professor months the toxicology vision at usc that first supporters of the initiative say like marijuana legalizing lessons could reduce law enforcement costs and pump millions to the state in taxes state officials say the recordbreaking fires that killed forty people in northern california last month's had caused at least three billion dollars in losses that number is expected to go up overall almost fifteen thousand homes were damaged or destroyed right santa rosa loan loss like the scent of its housing the fires that started in early october were declared ninety nine percent contained tuesday two men have been killed in a in a woman injured in a shooting at a walmart location outside denver this man says he was inside the store when a shooter open fire and every once they're running for safety he turned on a thought alight and this coverage has well all scatter that's what it looks like everybody was headed towards than exit we're all trying to get out us as fast as we could and as a witness says he heard six or seven shots fired a former mayor jackson mississippi is paddled a guy he caught breaking into his car before he was mayor tony yard there was an elementary school principled now ever told the wouldbe cards he says he had been disciplined before he might not be steel and stuff traffic from the helpful socal.

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