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Off those carbs and completely ruined those homes. People. I don't want to take the chance of staying behind. There were more than 350,000 new cases of covert 19 reported worldwide on Friday, a new single day record here in the U. S. There's new guidance about risk from the CDC. ABC is with, Johnson explains. The CDC is now expanding is warning on risk factors, saying it's not just obesity, but simply being overweight could put you at a higher risk of severe illness from Kobe 19 more than 70% of adults in the U. S are either overweight. Or obese. President Trump will host about 2000 people outdoors today at the White House, his first public event since he was hospitalized for Coben 19. He says he's recovering. But he told Dr Marc Siegel of Fox News about his course of treatment, and there's still answers. Questions unanswered. What are you taking right now? As of today, I think really nothing. We pretty much finished. And now we'll see how things go. Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer calling for a stronger stance against extremism after the FBI announced the arrest of 13 men is part of an alleged plot to kidnap her prior to the election. I think that it's a very real threat turn to my Chrissy. There's no question that these hate groups are domestic terrorists, and I think we need just call them that, frankly. You're listening to ABC news. In a video posted to Facebook Friday. Governor Bike the Wind said Ohio was trending in the wrong direction when it comes to cover 19 cases, a daily record. 1840 were announced along with just over 100 hospitalizations that he love a new desk Friday. The wine says weddings and people not wearing mask in public are to blame A putting bay establishment is among one of 18 permit holders cited this week by the Ohio Liquor Control Commission for violating state health and safety regulations meant to prevent the spread of covert 19 Beer Barrel Saloon. One was charged with disorderly activities, which encompasses things such as a social distancing violation. The complaint reads that on or about August 22nd disorderly activities were willingly permitted to occur on the premises of the saloon. At the hearing, the permit holder entered a denial but stipulated the facts Based on the evidence presented, the commission found the beer barrel saloon in violation. There only was a 15 days suspension of its liquor license beginning at noon on November 6. Alternatively, the option was offered to pay. Financial forfeiture in the amount.

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