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And I want to quickly get some analysis from somebody who knows the stuff somebody who is usually in the field, but ABC senior foreign correspondent an panel is in New York right here Grigsby with you here in the flesh brass ho glide, your Lilla. Well, I know I'm glad you didn't. I'm glad you're here today of all days because you, and I had just been talking about whether mobile politics would in your words, Trump human rights in regard to Jamaica Shoji. Did you get your answer yesterday? Exactly. I think is exactly will you. And I were talking about what we predicted earlier this week is the the primacy and the president quite rightly of the trade deal, but also of the strategic relationship between the United States and Saudi Arabia is much more important. We also need a counterbalance and Israel each help. Also, if we abandoned Saudi Arabia would be a terrible mistake county about balancing will they see as the threat from Iran. The there. Number key countries in the region key allies, the United States remember during the Bush administration come to LIZA rice, referring to moderate friends in the Middle East. It's the same countries is Saudi Arabia. It's israel. It's Egypt is countries at the United States relies on not just for energy, not just for trade, but full security. Well, let me ask you about that idea that that if the US refuses to sell arms to Saudi Arabia that that money goes away, those jobs go away, they all goes to Russia, and China, we might not get such a sweet deal and oil anymore. Does that logic checkout? I think there's a bit of a leap to say, those those jobs, and those contracts are immediately going to go to Russia and China. I mean, the reason the the Saudi Arabia comes to the United States is because it won't specific weapons specific systems. Now, also Saudi Arabia has an interest in the strategic relationship with the United States as well says, that's certainly true. But take the UK, for example, we should be very clients about Jamal. Has shown Gina. I mean, the UK also relies heavily. It's defense industry relies heavily on deals with Saudi Arabia as well. So there is still an argument actually the in one on one level. At least the president moves moron saying. It's a very complex situation. It's a shame. But it's it is what it is. This is more important to us than the case of one gymnasts because that is a sad reality. What we're talking about right now. What happens next than in all this? If the president has made up his mind, what's next? Yeah. Exactly. So I see that doesn't seem to be smoking gun. CIA session was just not an assessment if they have evidence that proves the end the s Muhammad bin Salman, the crown prince older, the killing we would have seen it by now is it possible something could emerge. Yes. Of course. But until that time, I think it's business as usual who got the G twenty summit coming up and went his hours in Argentina, the president's going to be them. How many bin Salman is also going to be that will meet what will the upticks bay will the other world leaders also sit down with the crown prince, this will be the real moment of truth. Whether we know whether he's whether everyone's essentially just swept under the compass. There's a picture of just Trump an MVS together and everyone's off to the Delhi. Exactly. And. Don't forget that the Saudi foreign minister also reiterated an interview with an Arabic newspaper, the the crown prince and the king our red lines for Saudi Arabia. Nobody should threaten that position either. And a repeating other presidents might have well reached the same conclusion. Right. That that we need seventy Arabia when it comes to rivals like, Iran. They did not say at this. Bluntly, and create the sort of it is what it is policy. We know one thing we need ABC's in panel to come to New York or often. Thank you, grace if he hid, right? Thanks. Next up on start here at what point do you? Admit stocks are having a bad year..

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