President Trump, Joe Biden, President Obama discussed on Colorado's Morning News with April Zesbaugh and Marty Lenz


It's Colorado's Morning news. April Zesbaugh on Marty Lens with you, Fox 31 pinpoint weather. Currently 33. We're on our way to a high only around 40 will stay in that range. Most of the week could see a little bit of snow in Denver tonight. Good morning. Our top story here on Colorado's Morning News, Fizer says it's covert 19 vaccine is proving more than 90% effective in late stage clinical trials. The New York based pharmaceutical giant and Germany's by in Tech, have been testing it on tens of thousands of volunteers and have found no serious safety concerns. It's given on a tutto schedule with five stars saying protection against Cove in 19 is achieved 28 days after First shot is given. The company says it will seek emergency use authorization after the third week of November. President elect Joe Biden announcing his first moves today, even before taking office were 72 days away. From that he unveiled his Corona Virus Advisory board that will help him with his transition. We got our first major Biden transition team press release hitting our inbox and 501 am announcing The President elect Cove in 19 Advisory council that will be led by three people Dr David Kessler, Dr Vivek Murthy and Dr Marcella Nunes Smith. Now Dr Mercy's name may sound familiar because President Obama named him to be the nation's top doctor in 2014, but President Trump relieved him shortly after taking over in 2017. Other members of the task force include Dr Celine Gounder, Dr Zeke Emanuel, who you may recall in Dr Julie Morita. That's Griff Jenkins. With Fox News. Still, some controversy as the president claims voter fraud Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie tells ABC is this week that Trump needs to bring proof show us because of George and show us We can't do this. We can't back you blindly, he says if the president's basis of not conceding the election to Joe Biden his voter fraud then he needs to show it other members of the president's own party also joining the call for him to accept the election results. Utah senator and one time presidential candidate Mitt Romney says Don't look for Trump to admit defeat gracefully. You're not going to change the nature of President Trump in these last days, apparently of his presidency. Hey, is who he is. Romney making those comments on CNN's state of the Union reports are indicating President Trump is refusing to attend President elect Joe Biden's inauguration in January. President Trump will seemingly not except that he's lost the 2020 election if you count the legal votes Easily when the Daily Mail is reporting that sources close to the White House say he even refuses to attend the inauguration of Joe Biden arrival he sees is a phony president. Trump continues to protest that he was cheated in fraudulent votes. He has no concession speech, ready to go and no intention of recognizing Joe Biden's presidency. Traditionally, outgoing presidents welcome their successor to the White House, posing for photos in the Oval Office to formally hand over the residents. Then they attend the swearing in ceremony in front of the U. S. Capitol Building in Washington, D. C. I'm Mike Power. No issues being reported after people flooded downtown Denver on Saturday after the election was called for Joe Biden businesses boarded up in anticipation of possible violence Last week, Butch Burnett works at Golden Triangle, wine and Spirits. It's a block along Broadway that saw some businesses had windows broken out over the summer, hoping for the best. Everybody's celebrating that. Not angry or meaner than that So so far has been great. We haven't had any problems at all. So probably a states through the night like that, until.

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