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I see you there too shortly. But i want to make sure that we get through this Making an interesting point. I wanna find out what that is a bout all right but going back to this column with michelle malkin in and bear with me. I don't like reading through columns in their entirety. But i think this is very important. Because she's done some great research and it's very important that we know this stuff. Listen here's we know that. The mortality rate for children when it comes to Kobe nineteen children under the age of sixteen is virtually zero. I mean it it. it can't even can barely be measured. Let me put it. That way can barely be measured none the less you have people like governor greasy gavin newsom. That are telling parents that they have to stick a vaccine and their children's arms. I pray to god. The parents will have the courage to revolt a pray to god. The fathers in men will stand up out there and say no this. This isn't happening even if it means that much out has to learn at home. This is not happening. These people have gone too far. These people are in my opinion there. post constitutional. These guys are acting like little dictators. All across the nation. I mean children are not in Their lives aren't endanger when it comes to kobe. Nineteen overwhelmingly that's not happening but going back to this story with michelle malkin. She talks about pfizer and she talks about this ten year. Old girl who was suffering again from meningitis and she wasn't taking off of this experiment mental trove in and given the standard proven treatments by visors clinical trial operators and then again when it was clear that her condition was worsening. One of her eyes froze. She lost her string. She died the idea. I the nigerian doctor who supervises studies for pfizer admitted that his office had and i quote backdated an approval letter for the human trials which may have been written a year. Listen to this. Which and i quote may have been written a year after the study had actually taken place. Informed consent was undermined by language and educational barriers. This is what pfizer is pulling out there one. Outrage african newspaper demanded that the government. And i quote. Tell us whether our children were used as guinea pigs. And if so who committed such criminality and who is liable it took years of litigation with the pharmaceutical company. But nigerian families finally reached seventy five million dollar out-of-court-settlement then there was a separate whistleblower that filed a lawsuit against pfizer Visors former associate medical director for research and yale pediatric infectious disease specialist. His name is one walter Water spill that alleged that the company fired him in retaliation for warning before and after the deadly connell fiasco that the study methods. Were quote improper and unsafe. Walter spill further claimed that pfizer had bribed nigerian officials to continue the study and cut safety corners stock options and bonuses. Were at stake. You guys remember we. Don't you guys remember the audio. You may You may have heard the other day. Where the pfizer. Scientists the pfizer scientists. What did they admit the natural immunity. They admitted it was a much much more effective than any fis ershad by by magnitudes not just by ten or twenty percent ten twelve fifteen times as effective in in context. They talking about adults. They weren't even talking about children. So children i mean i. It's absolute nonsense. What what's happening. But i'm concerned about we. The people becoming an experiment for these major pharmaceutical companies and for the government. And i believe that's exactly what's happening and actually we know that's what's happening. Let's be honest. let's be honest. there's no doubt that trump had great intentions with these vaccines. There's no doubt in my mind that found. She was trying to cover up his but for his involvement. In in my opinion i mean seriously being complicit in the spread of wuhan virus trying to cover his tracks insane. He's been caught lying so many times. It's unbelievable that this guy still shows up on tv. But i really do believe that he asked to do it. So the by the administration doesn't throw him under the bus. They've got all those people working in the doj for them and So i think foul she has to you know just try to appease biden. Mp's the left to be honest. Walter spill further claimed that pfizer had bribed gerena officials to continue the study again cut. Safety corners pfizer tried to suppress water spills allegation but they were forced into a settlement after wiki leaks remember them published dip- diplomatic cables showing that pfizer had attempted to dig up dirt on a nigerian prosecutor to bully him into dropping lawsuits by state and federal authorities in africa. A secret internal nigerian government report leaked years after it had been written concluded that pfizer violated international law by conducting and and i quote and illegal trial of an unregistered drug and failing to inform children's. Parents this is in africa. Almost sounds like the negro project it does A and failing to inform children's parents that the meningitis treatment was experimental. you do. do you understand what i'm reading. These are the experts that were supposed to trust. And this is the science that we are being told. We have to follow exactly right. The governmental panel caused a trove and tragedy a clear case of exploitation of the ignorant. Wow wow this way idiots. They're calling these people useful idiots if you think this corruption was all an anomaly or misunderstood altruism or misinformation. This is michelle malkin talking. I encourage you to start on your own homework before your.

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