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Jets. Eagles. Steelers titans and Redskins. So essentially almost Ilia league is having down that road. Exactly. And one of those that's going to be a Kyla Murray who got his deal signed Dwayne Haskins gets his career underway. By the way, he has received the papal blessing from Joe thee's thy's McPhee's fees men to wear number seven. He knew that was going to happen. Exactly. So we'll be wearing number seven. So these guys are beginning their careers, and we said goodbye to a couple of guys yesterday who have been outstanding for one team for a long period of time both Doug Baldwin the wide receiver CIO and Cam chance for the strong safety. Who was the last vestige of the legion, boom. Still in some way, shape or form connected to the Seahawks. Both were waived for failing physicals neither one of these things where surprise, but it's still really the end of two icon players for the Seahawks team that came out of nowhere starting in really in twenty eleven and it's put together a phenomenal put together great run. And a lot of those names. Obviously, we're on the defensive side of the ball. Putting can't chancellor. And then Russell Wilson, you know for a non first round quarterback to take the league. By storm the way, he did. Now, they're passing game. Always wasn't the greatest. It was always what could Russell Wilson create as he was running for his life in Daniel balden would be the recipient. To some of those without question would be the Baldwin. But Daniel Baldwin could catch. I would I would sign that Doug Baldwin had what his second surgery already this off season camp chancers dealing with the neck injury as well. So as trae mentioned both these worked back you mentioned the Doug Baldwin when we talked about Russell Wilson wandering around trying to make plays in that backfield is he was constantly under seeds. They were usually deduct kind of fit the mold undrafted guy over a career for himself. And that was the story of Seattle for this run, by the way, Baldwin's forty nine. Touchdown catches are second only to pro football hall of Famer Steve large when it comes to Seattle. Now, I gotta give the NFL Twitter feed. A really a shout out. They put together a nine minute montage yesterday of Doug, Baldwin amazing. Some of the catchers are incredible we're read now dick euless, I made I'm broken some of my broken play a lot of my broken, but give him all the credit in the world. So that that team has really really had a facelift, but really coming back last year to like, oh, okay. This teams. Kind of getting back. We're so used to the names that in this team was playing well, the names of change. But it looks like they're climbing the ladder again, it was an identity shift. Yeah. Identity shift from the names, and quite frankly, the personalities on the back end of that defense, especially when you talked about Richard Sherman who was there for a long time now with the mentors certainly can't be. Earl Thomas is now Baltimore raven. Right. One of the things that to me that always define that team that that Denver Super Bowl. Yes. We came out and Peyton Manning that Denver offense records that season. And we're everything and one of those first hits would Kam chancellor came down. I'm one of those underneath drags that Denver love to rub. And knocked that receiver might even been west. Knocked him into retired more than likely in those situations, although not long after that defense. I remember comma Carthy forty three to eight against the team that set the record for the most point scored in NFL history, destroyed them calm safety Notre Dame, more than my captains was at the combine numerically right before Kam chancellor, he looked up there. And he's like there's no way I'm gonna play in this league. If that also there Kam chancellor was an ill. Just so people understand how Kam chancellor was put together. Earl Thomas broke his leg. Running into camp. Chesler big hitter. Back in my day day falter. Yes. On the Cincinnati Bengals safety coming late on yourself. Those guys gone quit. Congratulations. Xavien Howard quarterback from the Miami. Dolphins before that is highest paid cornerback in the league now at seventy six and a half million dollars. Forty six million guaranteed. Make fifty one mill over the next season's in a team in Miami. That scene a facelift lot of players gone this offseason. Lot of linemen gone. The offense alignment especially Christian Wilkins again with their picking the first round grab the center as well. A couple of Josh Allen. Josh Rosen, but David Howard. I don't think name a lot of people. Casual no of you're gonna guys great cover corn had seven seven interceptions last year Cohen or just twelve game. So congrats to him for getting paid. Absolutely. I mean, sixty or seventy five million dollars. But just so you understand that legion. Boom. We always talked about in Seattle. It was really three players. It was Richard Sherman. The safeties Kam chancellor, Earl Thomas, and whomever. The other was it was those three guys that with a pure was of that amazing secondary the legion of boom. We take the best worst sound of the week and put it together in a little something we call that Bice. One of baseball's brightest most interesting talents who does things a little differently. Also handles himself off the field differently. Here's your AL baseball player of the month and White Sox shortstop commanders on the show is to go. I'm not really, you know, logging into baseball world trying to stay away from it. But you know, I played a game in wait a minute. The AL player of the month is not logged onto baseball news. That's great. What is happening that more sports? Said bye. Tough. Call one of your young players talking about how boring the game of Tim Anderson, though, announced that he donated to anti violence work every time he steals. A base this season, pledging five hundred bucks for every stolen base already stolen. Twelve wants fans to help out asking them to donate any pleasures, you end up donating fifty dollars or more over the course of the season will be entered into a giveaway to win game used autograph base at the end of the job. Absolutely. Every time you feel the bay skip and dance. Exactly by us. Well done. All right. We have no problem with any. Here we go despite the best or maybe or worse. Efforts of a reporter Columbus move jackets head coach John Tortorella and whenever he's involved with two. He refuses antiquarians about moral victories following following their best season in franchise history. This has ever been is their sense of accomplishment. You don't even go there. Doesn't know. Don't even go there with me. I'm not gonna listen to that an accomplishment. You get to the second. I don't even wanna. Listen to by just love the fact that he says don't even go there. And the report is like, no, okay. Yeah. He just. John Tortorella gonna happen. No..

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