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The i mean. The next thing that i have is him talking about detective. Frank salerno and How he was like a huge deal at the time Everyone knew who he was because of his work with like the hillside strangler. And then i don't know you guys have more about the like the next thing i go into is like they start doing the the murder. Gotcha right into the there was just a one The guy the reporter that had covered A lot of a lot of these cases Said you know they called The homicide squad. They called him the bulldogs Because they were like once they got on a case they never let it go He said you know the it was crazy. Like how many cases they would solve ten fifteen twenty years later on just because they wouldn't let up on stuff and always come back to it. and so it was so you know Became a competent semi one Basically idolize homicide detective in general And then got assigned to homicide In eighty-one so he was ten years in Yeah we have basically the first murder that we see march seventeenth. Nineteen eighty-five saint patrick's day a patrick same. Like whoa. which happens in rosemead. Los angeles Gil shows up to investigate this murder. basically walks in and there's blood splatter Everywhere victim is identified as dayle okazaki. She's thirty four years old. She had been shot in the hot. So before this though yeah the room will no so there was There's little vignette with The lady that had been in the salvation army store and she was you know again. There's this guy he's really crazy looking. He smells and she's like she's like i picked up his hat and it had. Acdc on she's like. I don't even know what the hell that was. So i put it back down. And then this super creepy smelly guy picks up the hat and walks away with it and she's like and then she's like and then i'm in my car driving home. This car almost cuts me off. Runs me off the road. And i look over and it's that guy And you know. She said she noticed that he'd had a pentagram tattoo on his on the back of his hand on and so yeah so that was like she encountered ramirez and didn't even know that it was him at the time. 'cause he has eleven but but that night People would start to know who he was because that. Acdc hat that he had bought. Go guess what he left at the crime scene and it's interesting because like he leaves stuff all the time like it seems like that's like a common thing like whether it's like there's a lot of like things that i'm like. Oh if dna was like more testing more they they would would've gotten him so much sooner. Because that's and that's the one thing that's almost just enraging About this whole process is the number of different times. They could have had him..

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