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Schneider up in the Pacific northwest next for call in. I had a hook this John. Just Johnstone. Great. Your go to guy, John goes. To do that. I've always wanted to do that. Got him right there. That's how I knew you should see why you're going to be surprised. Yeah, I said, make me look smart. I wanna do start bench cut with you if you don't. Okay. And then a little little Tiger Woods. Oh, sure. We can hit that to John Schneider here on the rich Eisen show. Tied down to sit down and be quiet or cut. Okay. So we give you three choices. You must start one. You must bench one. You must cut one. Okay. These are. These can be difficult. One can't play. You don't mean to cut one. No, he's a whole different thing where I came from out out out. Okay. Only one place wants bench and one is cut, Josh Nodar, start bench, cut the best deal out there. Currently, John Elway whose nickname is the Duke, the football whose nickname is the Duke. There's it's called the do because of Wellington Mara's nickname, was Duke back in the day, the owner of the giants or Duke basketball, which one's the best Duke out there. Oh, okay. You start LA I start Elway bench the football or basketball. Eventually I'd bench the basketball. Okay. And then you cut the football football's out golfer, I'm a golfer. Well, we give. We give Amish to football with Elway and we, you know, we, we share it. I understand. Can't have to football next one up for John Schneider start bench cut most iconic eighties automobile who the general Lee kit from nightrider or the DeLorean from back to the future. Well, you start the general Lee, okay. You cut hit and you've been the DeLorean. Why are we cutting kid is because it's a wannabe car. You could actually get that car generally was already an old car when we started a DeLorean had something I knew John DeLorean. So you had to add some things to make the back to the future car kit car was really kind of appropriately named kit car. This is not a John Schneider Hasselhoff feud that no, no, no, no, no. No, he wouldn't stand a chance that would be. All right. Last one for you, Josh. Start start bench cut. Okay. Best eighties, villain war cowboy hat JR Ewing from Dallas. All songs from dukes of hazzard or Buford t Justice from smokey. With that you use tell you what I Pol job is to Larry. So I would start view for t- Justice. I would venture boss hogging. I'd have to cut JR you. Oh, I mentioned JR Ewing a lot because I do show called the haves and have nots Perry show the haves and have not. And I play a guy that makes JR Ewing look like a choir boy that saying. Yeah, yeah. I used to say like a Catholic priest, but I don't say that anymore because yes, you shouldn't say that. But I, I play, I play a really nasty terrible guy on this show, and I love every minute of it. Loved Larry Hagman. But one of the nicest most wonderful people I've ever worked well, he was a doll, a bunch of like up fronts seals with a big. I dream of Jeannie fan. I love Larry, Hagman and Sorrell Booke from Buffalo. New York was a consummate actor, spoke seven different languages. You played boss Hogg so he spends seven. He was an amazing which language did he use with boss Hong. He made that up. Actually, he did. He would tell you why boss Hogg pronounce words, say dollars. He would say some Olins and he would say he says that word because he grew up here as parents were from such and such. And he went to school block. So he was he was, I would say, a consummate wordsmith and a what? If you study that link. Mystics major. So he was he was delightful and my gosh, I grew up..

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