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I don't think it's going to get into an area where guys know in the room that guys no one coaches of cross the line but they keep their mouth house shot because they don't want to be excluded or cut or benched or whatever it is so they tolerate a lot but every guy in the room knows when a guy's crossed the line every guy knows that if the coach starts dropping f bombs at the group hostile out there they know. That's part of the deal. I don't think any of this it's happening right now. IS IS GONNA take us into a room or place that we're suddenly all soft and wimpy. I think all the stuff we're talking about here is big deal stuff and I think it will have that effect I think it will. I think it will change because of because of what's happened the last couple of weeks. It served that purpose. Okay Boys. Let's have a higher communication line players if something's up in come to see me We gotta make sure as a team that we react the right way to it but but you know this shit where so the change now. Steve is a coaching. Look at his style and say okay. Okay what I've been doing by. Today's standards is a mistake. Okay it wasn't twenty five years ago or twenty years ago ten but but understand and that now it is you know. It's like like corporal punishment. Steve Okay in the sixties and seventies no one doubted nor in question. Did you know that how you how you disciplined children and but now it's unacceptable. Okay made the change. You know you're you're you're whipping your belt off to strap your kid in the ass thrown in jail man and that's a good change all right. Well we're going to take time out here come back with final final thoughts in a moment and We'll also maybe if we have time touch on the Tampa Bay. Expos thing I though undermined people we have.

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