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Now after listening to annabel williams linda. has it. Inspired you to sorta vocal cords terrible singer. So i think any help. I can get another say that everyone can sing. I don't think that's true. Well thank you wouldn't as well you think that that's okay. You might be a double bass no no. I can't go very low. I got high singer but no no. No it's not very good doesn't sound very good. People roll their eyes anyway. It was really good. Wasn't there. I catch up with these. Yes absolutely and also of course. We had dr georgia coffman page. Y who we're talking about their take on attending cambridge university forty years apart and the differences coin astounding forty years. It sounds a longtime suppose when you see it but when you say it was one thousand nine hundred eighty. That's all that long ago from my point of view and yet their experiences completely different the way that things have changed. I had a feeling that. The georgia coffman quite happy to go to cambridge now. I think you're absolutely right. I think that aid would wanna go back to university in the eighties. Maybe he really surprised as well the way it was. Yeah well you can. Contact us via social media on twitter and facebook at women mw or on instagram at women making waves radio and you can also find us on cambridge one. Five dot co dot uk k. Or visit our website women making waves dot code or uk where you can hear all of our interviews and if you can think of a woman that we should be talking to. We'd be delighted to hear from you. See you next time..

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