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Just having him back. There makes a difference. I also think to leave having played against Tom Brady. And Bella check in the patriots before as a Bronco helps. I think that to leave having been on the patriots helps having that kind of experience on your roster. A guy who's going to be a key player on the roster mates, huge difference. So you have that. Coupled with the fact as Sam former of the LA times pointed out on Twitter. Yeah. Bella chicks taken away the team's best weapon with two weeks to prepare. But the Rams their best weapon changes week to week. So if you want to take away Todd Gurley cool, then they're going to throw the ball the time to cooks and. Yep. Right, right. Cooks woods ever. You know, Josh Reynolds, by the way has started to come on. He struggled him in golf if you noticed when Cooper Cup went down Goth was trying to force feed him, and it wasn't working but little by little over the last couple of weeks. You're starting to Josh Reynolds. Make a bigger impact on my God, huge. Right. So I think that that's the stuff that you look at like the Rams are multifaceted in their offense of approach. So they've got the ability. Were they can say to themselves. Cool. You wanna take something away? We've got other weapons that we can work. And I think it was important for for the Rams to go deep with cooks make that work, and you'll now that's that extra threat when you have Robert woods on the other side, not going as deep, and then you have Reynolds, and you have higby can be in their number of thing. You know, what I didn't even think about cooks for a second. Like it just slipped. My mind we talked about two leaves experience practicing against Tom Brady. How about Brandin cooks experienced practicing with Tom Brady, exactly? And by the way, it is like the cooks revenge tour if you think about it, it sure is because you've got back the backs. Yes. The patriots back. Yeah. For sure. So again, this is in bluster. This isn't I'm trying to be the Homer I legitimately fallen in love with his Rams team. Like, I don't think there's any question about it. I was going nuts watching that game on Sunday. And but I honestly my brain thinks. That they're better that they're a better match up coming up next Peter King. We'll ask him about all these things. He spoke to Tom Brady. He had a long chat with Brady. We'll talk to him. He's spoken to Sean McVeigh and all the different parties involved because everybody talks to Peter King. He is the man when it comes to covering the NFL. So we'll talk to Peter and his second from NBC sports. And then we'll have the Jackie MacMullan interview with Byron Scott coming up after that shortly thereafter that, but I one I heard some friend of mine's got route men because then packages outside the front door. I think man, so many people do that. And they were posted on their social media that they were on vacation don't be surprised that thieves can actually use your social media against you. They know when you're not home, so LA, do I got incredible offer for you? Call my friends at Sloman home security, you need to get make sure that houses tight. Okay. And you get the camera set up all the stuff you need..

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