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Many of them are on course to become much more powerful. Think about poor Graham, one of the biggest investors in Silicon Valley said the world is on course to be more addictive in the next 40 years than it was in the last 40. Think about how much more addictive TikTok is to your child than Facebook, right? So on the one hand, you've got all these forces which are invading our attention which are poised to become more intense. It won't stay at this level of invasiveness. It will get even worse. Think about the metaverse. On the other hand, there's got to be a movement of all of us. Saying, no, no, you're not going to do this to us. You're not going to do this to our children. We want a life where we can think deeply where we can read books where we can sleep, where we can have long conversations where we can look into each other's eyes. We do not want a life that dissolves the average, like I said before, the average office worker now focuses on any one task for three minutes. What is your life like when it dissolves into a hailstorm of three minute fragments? That is we all know that is not a good life, right? We have to have a movement that says, no, we were just like we needed and need a feminist movement to reclaim women's bodies and their lives. I argue very strongly we need an attention movement to reclaim our minds. We don't have to tolerate this being done to us. This is not a force of nature. This has been done to us by very recent forces, we are more powerful than those forces if we band together, we can take them on, we can stop them and we can reclaim our attention, but we're going to have to fight for it, because if we don't do anything, they'll invade us more and more and more. Johann Hari author of stolen focus always fun to talk to you. Thanks for coming back on the show. As totally my pleasure, Dan, and I meant to say that people can get the book, the ebook or the audiobook. And if they want to listen for free to interviews with loads of the experts that I've talked about, they can go to stolen focus book dot com. I also, at the end of all the interviews, a lot of people say to me, so where can people follow you on social media? And I always want to go, have you been listening to me? No, they should have followed me on social media. They can if they want to, but I won't be looking at it very much. Awesome. Thank you again. She's done always enjoy talking to you. It's a delight. Thanks so much. Thanks again to Johann Hari. Thank you as well to all the people who make this show a reality two and a half times a week. Samuel John's Gabrielle zuckerman DJ Kashmir Justine Davy, Kim, Maria will tell and with audio engineering from the good folks over at ultraviolet audio. We'll see while on Wednesday for part two of our series on focus with the Dharma teacher Shiloh Catherine. From wondery, I'm Nikki Boyer, host of the new podcast, call me curious. Look, we're all on 24/7 information overload on our newsfeeds or inboxes on TikTok. That's why I'm bringing you, call me curious, a podcast that finally gives you definitive answers to life's burning questions. Like, does intermittent fasting really work? Should I buy crypto? Every week on call me curious, I'll dive into all the things you've heard about, but don't really know about. We'll both learn and laugh along the way as we explore life's little mysteries, the Internet's hottest topics, and burning gotta know questions. Like, what are the mathematical odds there is other intelligent life in the universe? Or is it true you can't die in your dreams? You'll find out with me and some of my hilarious Friends on my podcast call me curious. Listen to call me curious.

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