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You're like, I don't know Houston might get them. You know what I mean in baseball. Whereas are we really saying that anybody is going to be the Golden State Warriors this year in the NBA? I mean, you know, it's like you say that. But then you still look at those playoffs last year. And it's like Houston had a legit chance at actually taking them out. Baston got worse over twenty seven when you go like they could have done it, and they had them well within their sites and the wheels came off. And I don't know if you and they always say that. That's what champion does to the team that isn't. And we've all see met saying where the team that has been there. Yeah. The like, yeah. Just whatever they are going to catch up with them catch up with them. Right. And then do it might to those games where you know, what's going to happen. But they still were all they were there all the way through the cruise. Chris Paul being hurt and. Any? I really think I think the the warriors are are legendary team, but they are still a Sowell team. It is it is not it is not like when in the nineties when the bulls were running through everybody just like, I mean, they just they they literally tore the heart out of every other team and everybody looks scared against them. It's like people don't exactly look scared against the warriors. But they they get beat by them. Yeah. It's like it's almost like Tiger Woods and his I like run at at the PGA win like it was him and one other guy. And if he was battling some other dude coming down the stretch like oh that guy's gonna fade because he's just. And that's that's like, I don't think the warriors. Are it's rate as they are up denial. It's just they're they're not that though. They're just a team of like an excellent team. All right. Not like soul Crushers hide. So do so right now, you think probably going to be Boston and Toronto in the east Duke ended up my right? Does that? I mean, I think the Knicks have a good chance to to to get hot. No. Of course. If they can just string together forty games in a row, and they're right back in the Knicks and got a legitimate shot of James Dillon can stop basically disband his blue outfit. No. I the fact that no one's like poisoned her. Monica to me is. Art shows. James birthday package shows up to from from number thirty four. Yeah. I wet harmonica. That has blue with dripping out of it. Let's rebound from our weirdness. Does Oakley house lightly? I such. Yeah. I saw ugly coaching the a game in the big three ice cube basketball league. And I thought to myself. Yeah. Who better to corral young men than number one who better to coach and give direction than Charles Oakley and to how much coaching is going on in the big three games? Like how much strategy and plays? Are they running in the big three and number three? If you looked at the roster of big three players. You would have the first thing that jumps out of you. These guys are really coach very they're very malleable guys. Alan Iverson, Latrell Sprewell wasn't well. Well. Well, I think scoop played a little bit and there. Yeah. Yeah. Very coach -able Darius miles everybody. Yes. All right. So that's on the east and then in the west, do you still think it's Houston? I Golden State at Golden State. And I think I think I also think the jazz can go east the western final jazz are fun. If there's. You know, I think if there's clicks like starting to last year. Yup. They're just like. Like Donovan Mitchell. Just like he has he seems like he has that that thing where he just wants to like make people feel bad. About nosing. Yeah. And not coli like like gear, and he's a little smaller. But I that moment where like when he wants to score he's gonna score. He he's he's Dr he's a star. He's kind of one of those stars that you weren't really thinking about you know, what I mean like LeBron James was a start at at fourteen years old. He's had to carry this. We know Donovan Mitchell there is only did we we obviously we do we knew he had game..

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