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That's awesome michael stipe so you when do you want to talk about about and i did a insane thing and i you chugged yeah that's the first thing i do before i see any movies i real feel like we're switched personalities this episode really yeah you feel like i'm extremely wellversed in film and i feel like i'm just a jokes and like outta left field i'd like we've kind of been stuck in some jason bateman movie where we switched bodies to be fair you've had very little sleep okay i know i'm sorry no it's fine i loving this personnel as like it's like alien love song i just made it was ice on like this is like anthony uncut this is like anthony going while of cox oh my parents listen to this sorry mr mrs montana deer hey tony my boss listens to this i'm wearing your to go sox took a little snap i'm going to send it to anthony villa grew good they do good thank you i saw gemin and i thought i saw it it must have been friday i was like we did something and they were hanging out at i forget i forget but i had to drive all the way to hollywood oh you pull thing because if the only nightside at like eleven twenty five at night i i was like i think we watch them i think why place the night before then we what vanda pump something as monday auden anyway we don't we don't wait a whole week to watch an episode of vander pump.

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