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Boy. Here we get a brawler police involving two hundred students outside of Philly. Mcdonald's. Jeez. So over dozen juveniles were arrested and cited after police say a large parole evolving up to two hundred schools students erupted outside of the McDonald's in Huntington park. That's a section of Philly. Massive broth three officers injured. Police say they were called for the report of a fight on broad street and hunting Park Avenue around three forty. Okay. Those locations only means something to people were from Philly. But this was they called it a riot. Well, yeah. Up to two hundred students fighting and instigating, and I'm sure every single one of them had a personal element in the original dispute. The caused the fight it wasn't just people jumping into fight for fun. Right. I don't know. Because there's no word yet on what led to the fight. There are two hundred people fighting. I wonder how many people were there with their cameras. Oh, yeah. Everybody jumped in just to jump in. Do not know. But I do know this. We have a new study out saying if you work last you'll live longer really I like that and going home who's going to pay for that. Full and part time employees in the United States working average of forty hours a week full and part-time work at an hour, an average of forty hours a week Cording to the bureau labor statistics that so I thought fulltime what's forty how could part be forty didn't fulltime end up going down to thirty two or something because of ObamaCare it was I think thirty or thirty two. Yeah. What they're counting it as now. Maybe you're asking too many difficult questions here. All right. So. So they say there are four ways shorter workweek could improve your health. Okay. I got a real problem with all this. I understand less stress. I understand more sleep. I get all that. Yeah. Spending more time with your loved ones. But somebody's gotta put hamburger the table. What are you talking about here? Usually. I mean, you can usually just ask the government for that. We'll see that's what I get it work less. You can. I'm looking at all the things this is the the journal of psychological medicine, less stress. Okay. I understand that. More sleep. Got it improve your heart health. Totally get it. Maybe they mean like give up your career and open an Ed see store. Yeah. But the heck are you? Okay. But how do you put hamburger on the table? And that creates a little stress. Question. Now, I've got to close my children. I want to get them into public. What to get them into a nice education? I I want to be able to retire. So yeah, it's all good. But what are you going to have the government pay for all this? Brahmins delicious. You can just survive on that. I don't even know where to go with this story this morning. This is the Washington Post journalist. Who was he walks into the he walks into the Saudi embassy in Turkey. And you see there's surveillance video of him walking in. But no surveillance video of walking out. What happens? In the meantime, he's chopped up to pieces. I don't even know where to go with this show while he's still alive while he's still alive. They apparently have audio of it. This is apple watch picked it up somehow. Yes. Horrendous screams heard by witnesses downstairs. Oh, the Saudis are allies for peace. Right. I understand what Trump is doing the one hand saying, listen, we don't want to rush to judgment no guilty before it is that we need to find out what's going on. Because. The the Saudis are. They control so much of the world's oil. And the Saudis are they've just they've position themselves so cleverly as being, you know, they're they're an important cog in the wheel of the economy and an important cog in the wheel of stuff going on in the Middle East. But at the same time, I don't trust these people. I mean, saying they're innocent until proven guilty is one thing. But I don't trust them doing all the terrorist on nine eleven exactly you was gonna be my next. Yes. It's a hotbed of radical Islam. I mean, the most radical of its kind so. Yeah, you gotta you gotta you gotta go about this in a very diplomatic fashion. But shoes surprise you if the Saudis indeed chop this guy's body up while he was alive. Because they chop heads off every Friday with people that are live chop chop square. Right. Do every every Friday every Friday they're chopping off heads. They're chopping off. We remember the caller we had this was chilling. Caller checks in. He's he was Asian from India, and he works here in the bay area. And he's doing some work over in Saudi Arabia, and it's a Friday, and he's he's driving along the road. All of a sudden everybody on the street on the road that he was travelling was pulled over if you just you're stopped cars were stopped. Everybody had to get out. Get out of their car. And he had no idea what was going on. He was fearful for his life. Everybody gets out of the car and you had to walk. You had to watch a public execution. He was he was just there on business. Whoa. So for these people to chop up this journalists while he's alive. So what they do. Sheesh. Okay. Onto better conversation to five twenty five. Yeah. There's no. I mean, there's no positive way to talk about that. So this is just so I mean, we talked about it. We'll probably get into a little later in the in the program. But anyway, all right. Okay. Okay. What do you got? Okay. I got a lot of hard questions. You don't want me to ask. I I love the Hillary Clinton story this morning. What's that? Jerry sound effect for that. Oh, yes. The car crash. Okay. You gotta stick around for that. Folks. We got the Hillary Clinton car that crashed. We'll get to that as well. Five twenty six. Do you have an ugly.

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