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However was criticized for removing elements essential to the plot card captors occur has since appeared in various rankings. Shut chaz in h k s his hundred best anime of all times japan poll placed eight and two thousand seventeen and and depends tv. Ashi one hundred most popular mangoes of all time in two thousand twenty one. The main character of this series are sikora avalon. And she's play by carly mckillop and she system adorable girl who just tries to live a normal life until all this card captor stuff happens and it wasn't even really her fault but i'll get to that later. And then there's her brother who is named tori avalon and he is played by tony sampson and well. He's a bit of a jerk. I didn't really like him in the first episode. But i think the second episode. He was a bit nicer to his sister. I don't know maybe. I just like siblings to get along. Their mother is dead. unfortunately but they're dis a very good person and he's name is adding avalon and he is a professor at school and he's quite by. Brian drummond thin. We've got sa- chorus best. Friend madison taylor. And she's played by maggie. Glue hara and well. She is a great character. I really like her. She loves to fill. She makes the costumes that sikora wares for her battles against the cards. And she's really encouraging and adorable. Then we've got julian star. Who has sikora's crush. I'm not the biggest fan of her crush. Because he's a great guy but he's way too old for her. She is a young elementary school kid. He's the same age as her brother. It's like no sikora. you can't date guy like that. I think she's just in a fancy cloquet fancy anyway. Julian is played by sam. Vin sat. and then we've got hero. Who is our guarding the cards. And he's quite by matt hill and oh he's just like this adorable little tiny flying lion that i just love how cute he is. And then there's a le- show on who is quite by rise humber and we'll likely i haven't really gotten to see him yet. Because i've only watched two episodes. But i know of him how. He's like sucrose competition and also well kind of i don't know i kind of ship them. Another character that i think is her competition. As i said i've only watched like two episodes is mellon ray who played by nicole oliver. This guy looks like he might be a villain and he's ellen loon he's played by bill switzer so those are all the important characters in this series and personally i can't wait to see how progresses i already really like it. This is an interesting though plot thing. Apparently the guardian hero becomes kiro barra's when he gets all big and stuff. It's his large form and that done by. richard newman. So that should be cool. And there's another adorable little creature that revise the kiro so it must be later on vamos spinney and play by yami thome on and then he has a large form which is also pretty impressive spinner. Son play by colin murdock. So i think that there's more development as the series goes along. I can't wait to find out her personally now that we have discussed who plays who. Let's discuss the first two episodes so basically what happens is we're introduced to this world. Where card captor sikora lives. It takes place in fictional japan city of toma day which is somewhere near tokyo. Ten year olds cora. See i told you. She's so young she's basically like this girl who is adorable and encouraging season elementary school. And she's going to school and then she comes home after school and her brother and father are like still at school and teaching. So she's home alone as she starts to hear this growling downstairs to. She goes downstairs to investigate..

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