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Are the ones who got in like in the Shack Koby era and thought well this is going to be dynasty forever in this always be winning. Team is the new Patriots and then you have people like me. Locals who have sat through fucking desert droughts of like the Randy Fund era right after Pat Riley to del Harris and those other coaches and I was like for a while I was like I like the Lakers well we don't win or whatever fuck it also too but the people who like are so gassed pasta where they're just like the Lakers are you know infallible and they should be the greatest team and they need to be here and Blah Blah Blah Blah. He's other teams like it's too. It's not realistic realistic and I guess that's what it is to if you're not if you can't be I mean look obviously being a fan of a team is your you can't really be objective yeah but at least understand like where the where we're at in this sort of evolution of the team then yes and then and then to the argument that I hate well like I hope to win. Shit for long is whenever they throw throw out like the man we guests sixteen championships mass six those championships came before people knew how to dribble a basketball like I don't know about them championships from the forties and fifties and sixties George Making Watch Mike and get crossed the fuck of Minneapolis Lakers get Outta here man true that that's where some of the people on the court ten championships came during a magic era and Tan came during the Kobe era and those are the ten tin that are added the other six related and find the showtime. I mean sorry five and five which makes ten right like the other six. Was Them George Mike In Years. The Jerry West isn't that that teams look good also suck bad a rings earrings though brings it rings on like I don't want to hear the sixteen like the whole twenty-seven a Yankees Championship twenty seven rings brow like don't i. I'm not counting any championship before black people were allowed to play baseball change range basketball too. It's like a black people in the league and at the N._B._A.. Yeah I do directly for white people do after say since you were talking about drafts and Lakers History Lakers have the shortest droughts sure like even after Pat Riley like magic took the Lakers to the finals against everyday lose to Jordan did yeah but then when the Bulls were like in last place for a number of years the Lakers head Koby and shack and when it's just I guess more like my expectation. I don't get fucking angry like I feel like the fucking world owes me a ring or something where I think people. That's a function of the dynasties that have existed yeah where I'm like. Yes Shit Ebbs and flows right so when it's fucking for me I get nervous when I see all these like if we got Hawaii I was going to be more nervous because the Lakers don't do great when the when the roster on paper looks really good typically those have been some awful fucking team I mean they're granted. Kobe shacks different but like the fucking Karl Malone Gary Payton fucking fiasco or Steve Nash Dwight Howard I remember at the time I was like here we go brain and I was like Oh boys got molly watt <music> but a no superstar pissed weird team g alright. Let's take a quick break and we'll be right back with some non N._B._A.. Conversational geico presents eyewitness interviews.

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