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We saw him and saying we saw him like right in front. But So we've seen a couple times, but then just have the pictures. Yeah, Fiance was the big one. That was Vegas, right? That Vegas? Glendale Glendale. Yeah, we were. Yeah, And I just remember, we were like two tables away from the NFL network, and they brought her in. Yeah, And you know, we've We've talked myself. Some say in New Orleans. It was right. It was It was super 47. Yeah, she did the anthem at the 40. Niners Ravens. No, she did the halftime show. I'll have to show you. Yes and yeah, I just remember sitting there and it's just like it's like she's right there. It was just like Wow. Okay. Ms Knowles, huge star right there. Guest list. By the way, Speaking of big stars met Miyoko is going to join us at 10 30. We have a lot to discuss with him. 11 30, Brian Billick. You excited to talk to him? I'd like to know what Brian Billick would think if his Ravens defense was in 2000 Ravens. Gone. The chief's What would that look like? Well, that battle look like they could get a lit up that you think so Get Little II. The better match up would be John Lynch's 2000 and two Tampa Bay defense against Kansas City and Kansas City can run the ball. And they had, you know, ball tomorrow, Good corners where they had Starks and McCallister. And they had Rod but the tooth while we played him in the NFC championship game for Brian Billick came in swinging a banshee looking for the son of a bitch. Remember, there s o. He They were that they were and I think studio in this Tampa Bay defense. They were number one in the NFL against the run last year. Do you remember the 40 Niners open the year in Tampa and could not run the ball? And then we figured out why this is a great run defense Vita Vita. From the Bay Area is a movable and Dominic and sue. And, you know, shack Baird at the year he had They're really good run defense, but the Baltimore 2000 to me. Pittsburgh Steel Curtain was a great run defense, but the 2000 Ravens to me when I you know, categorize them in one sentence. It's the best run defense, arguably, ever Siragusa. On the nose, and they had Ray Ray running around. Nobody ever blocked him and Michael McCrary and Jamie Sharper and that was a great run defense. And then so Tampa's defense was a great Pass defense. That's why you know, the Raiders played Baltimore in the 2000 F C championship game, and the Raiders led the league in rushing that year. It was a bad match up to go against that sledgehammer defense, and then you know, Rich got hurt right away, Barry Simms and get the fuck the snap count, right? He got Picked up. Michael McCrary got him first. And Saragosa goosed. Um On third down and Bobby Hoying led the Raiders and rushing. So that was a bad match up then and 10 2000 to Callahan's the coach, the Raiders opening up and riches. You know, he's challenging. Marino's record didn't quite get there, but he had a hell of a year. N v P When you go up against Tampa. Well, I think is the best pass defense of all time. They had sap and they had simian. But Derrick Brooks and coverage John Lynch and and Ronde, A. And this other safeties they had They were terrific, so I think they match up. Would beam or the Champ Obey Lynch defense against this Kansas City defense, But it would be fun. You know, Baltimore is one of the great defense is of all time. And coach Billick. You know, after the run in Minnesota worry Coordinated coach Green's offense That was one of the greatest offense of all time. You know, he won is an offensive minded coach with great defense. It's gonna be fun to talk to him in 11 30 Henry Rugs, rookie wide receiver at Alabama for the Raiders, 12 20 is going to join US and Laura Okmin. At 1 10 from Fox, and she did a great interview with J. P P. Jason Pierre Paul after the NFC Championship game, which I thought was really cool and talking about his struggles and getting back and how happy he was to get back to the Super Bowl and So we'll talk to her about 1 10. So as always a great guest list today, by the way, MBA All Star Game will happen in Atlanta, March 7th Steph Curry leads all Guards in votes. If these are just the first returns, but curry Luca LeBron, joker and cool, I would be your West starters Durant Johannes indeed. Kyrie and I can't read. My other writing would be the starters. As far as the you're missing a guard from the East into the games in Atlanta. They're not gonna put Trey Young and there are no it's not that I've got it right here. I just My my writing is brutal. Your still wouldn't get doctor. Can you write me a prescription for me, Bill? That's what it says. Is this Beale So, Bill Kyrie Durant. Yonas indeed would be here and they do it by front court and backcourt. So Lucas a guard is that we're listening, Luca, Don churches, a guard! That's what I've got him. He's I don't know. But yeah, he's a garden. Then Larry Bird's a guard, Uh, Scottie Pippen's a guard. I don't know about that. I know he handles the ball and there is a way to look at it that way. But then you know Lillard wouldn't make the team. Donovan Mitchell wouldn't make the team Chris Paul's having a hell of a year. Hard to argue with the frontline LeBron Nicola Yokich, the Joker and collide and Anthony Davis wouldn't start Are we doing conferences or we doing? Team staff versus team LeBron? How How we doing this This year?.

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