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Seven twenty seven. Bottom of the hour. News is just a few moments away. The big news is already rolling in for Ohio State football. We've mentioned a couple of times today national early signing period for national letter of intent for a high school football players who want to continue their careers in college. Ohio State has already had several commitments sign on the dotted line, including cades Stover, Mr. Ohio football, who's going to be a Buckeye now. Marcus Crowley, who is the Florida player of the year was going to go to Miami of Florida Ohio State flipped him. He's coming to Ohio State, Ronnie Hickman, Noah Potter mica. Potter's brother, Noah Potter? Lori Schmidt is all over this today. And we will have the very latest as these commitments continue to roll in. It's always amazing to me. I've never been a big recruiting guru. And despite all my time in sports, I've never been overly interested in it. Although I know that's the lifeblood of any good college football program. I've never really been overly interested in it. I've always been a show me guy show me show me what you can do when you get to Ohio State show me how good you are when you get to the college level. Don't tell me how good you were in high school show me how good you are at this level. I know there are many people who can't wait to find out. What eighth grader is on the Ohio State buckeyes list for three years from now. I'm just not one of those people show me what you do when you get here. There have been any number of recruits who have come to Ohio State as a five star this or a four star that and they have fizzled out only to have their positions taken by a kid who was not as highly touted happens all the time. So I I wish all of these recruits who signed with Ohio State or wherever they may choose decide. I wish the ball. Well, I hope they all blossom into tremendous college football players. But the fact of the matter is they all can't be starters. They all can't be NFL prospects. Some of them are going to reach great heights. Some of them are going to exceed expectations and some of them will fall short. But it's days like this. And it used to be in February it used to be that first Wednesday in February. But it stays like this that make me scratch my head and say, wait a minute. Wait a minute. Let's pump the brakes on this a little bit. They're all tremendous high school football players. Everyone wants them to be great college football players and the little stars attached to their name. Tell us whether they have a better chance of doing that. Or not. But these kids are all making the transition some of them do it. Well, some of them do it easily some of them do not handle that transition. Very well. But I know a lot of you're just scanning Twitter today. I can't wait. I can't wait. I can't wait who they gonna get who's this guy. Let me tell you about. And we'll have the names for you as they roll in. And of course, we're watching for the big one. We're watching to see what Zach Harrison does I have not seen any indication on that yet. But when we get it. We will bring it to you right now, we will bring you, traffic and weather. We do it every ten minutes on the tens TempStar.

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