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Keri. It's fire member when this one is anyone dared to watch it once. Did you ever even by Hollywood in Roma win down? Yeah. Best director. Here are my thoughts on this one for our Academy Award in Oscars. Okay. Roma is a net. Flex produced movie aired on net flicks. It has been shown in a limited release at a fuel. Yes. Movie theaters. But I'm just gonna say this is this is still an unresolved issue for whom. What? Awards movie that is released on a streaming site versus in the large movie theaters. And I think there will be a little bit of people might look different way. Because maybe so you're thinking. We are going to pass judgment. I yes. Or the snobbery of the academy saying that this movie was released already on streaming is going to affect the way that the voters go, I think, so if you're an old school academy member, and you're up against this movie that was made produced and shown on a screening thing that people watch on their telephones. Hello, I'm gonna disagree with you. That line has blurred anymore. Oh, I hope not I think the canceled festival. Julius still on your side saying, hey, streaming services. No, this is cinema. It is. This is. Yes. They did. They they would not have them present there. So all eight so there's just my thing if anyone disagrees that it was the best film. Call.

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