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California region has dropped to 5.3% as of yesterday. More than 3600. People in L. A county were in the hospital with coronavirus 23% in the ICU officials say If current trends continue, those numbers will double in two weeks, placing a potentially catastrophic burden on local medical facilities. You see, l, a assistant nursing professor, she says, says she got the cove in 19 vaccine, which was just approved for emergency use authorization by the FDA. She says she did experience some side effects. Kristen Choice says they showed up after her booster shot. I had chills, nausea, fatigue, headache the day after that vaccine on Ben that evening, I started to develop a fever and that kind of escalated overnight. I woke up the next morning with a very high fever. Joy took part in the fight, sir. Vaccine trials and South symptoms come and go over the course of a day, she says. The good news is most people won't experience any symptoms, and if they do they go away pretty quickly. University of California officials have asked the region's to consider a tuition hike for the 2022 school year because of drops in revenue revenue caused by the pandemic chancellors and senior officials at five of the nine UC schools. Say a $300 million budget cut and depressed revenues during the pandemic and made a tuition hike A necessity. Tuition was last raised in 2011. In March, The regions were scheduled to vote on a five year plan to raise tuition and fees that would have begun this fall. But it never went anywhere because of widespread cut drill shutdowns caused by the coronavirus. A grand jury has indicted a man in Riverside County in the murder if it's nine year old son. Investigators say they believe Bryce Macintosh, killed his son last year, then bought gloves, acid drain opener and a trash can Indictment also includes a special circumstance allegation of torture. Judge in Wisconsin has rejected President Trump's lawsuit asking the court to order the state Legislature to name Trump the winner over Joe Biden. The Supreme Court in Wisconsin is also hearing another case asking to toss more than two. It's 221,000 absentee ballots is not normal. Justice Jill Kurowski says the lawsuit, as she puts it, Smacks of racism you wanted. You want us to overturn this election so that your king can stay in power, and that is so on American, Kurowski says. This kind of request is unheard of in American in straight. Joe Biden has picked Susan Rice to be his domestic policy adviser. He says it took some time to convince her to take the job. Her voice is particularly needed this critical moment. Granddaughter of immigrants, senator enslaved people. Susan will be ineffective entire list champion for all Americans. Rice was the national security Advisor U. N Ambassador, an assistant secretary of state for African affairs in the Obama and Clinton administrations. Some sea animals might be caught between ice and a hard place. The world's largest iceberg is on course to crash.

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