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He likes it. When you talk back. Tom sullivan. I'll watch I do. I love him. We are talking about the guys the here. He's going to be on Thursday. If something doesn't get delayed again. I am. I really do think there's time fine. Right. You want the FBI farm. We'll call the FBI go out there. Look at the background file get that whole thing up data for us. Please. Have it ready by Thursday morning? The second part is there are questions about who was that the party. Let's get those witnesses to come in and under oath raise their hand and say right there in front of God and country. Yeah. There was a party. And yeah, Brett Cavanaugh was there and always Christine Ford or no. I don't know what she's talking about. I I had no idea. Let's let's hear what they have to say. There's nothing worse than being afraid of the truth. So let me play this little bit. I heard it. Actually late last week. Which Dana Perino who is now working FOX was the George W Bush's press secretary. She has a podcast that I like, she increased dire wall have this podcast, and they were talking the other day about memory. And I kinda rough. I gotta pick it up kind of in the middle of her story. But she was talking about when she was a young girl. She had to have. If you had problems with infections all the time inter inter ears in her throat, and she had a a apparently a pediatrician that did not believe in taking the tonsils out. So later, she was I don't know twelve thirteen years old and her doctor said, no, no, no, the reason why you're having all these infections because your tonsils you gotta come out of there. So, you know, the older you are the harder. It is the more it hurts and it was at thanksgiving. And she they did it over the thanksgiving holiday because she had five days off from school and all that sort of stuff. Should she remembers it thanksgiving having a hard time eating she had to drink liquids and all of that. But listen to the story that she talks about that ties in with people's memory. Got these tonsils out of there. So we're going to do it on the day before thanksgiving and that way because I'd have like five days off before having to go back to school. And I remember asking a question just as the anesthesiologist was about to put me under what happens if there's a fire. A very Dana question. And have we thought every thought through fire safety on this before we didn't actually hear an answer or anything, whatever? Then I I'm out completely out. And I have. The anesthesia I get the surgery the surgery is successful that hurts terribly. It's a lot better now than it used to be that at the time that was a tough surgery because of the equipment they had to use and. I believed that there had been a fire in the hospital and that I could smell something burning in the hospital. So I was like there's a fires we need to get out. Okay. So a couple of years ago by and we're about to have thanksgiving dinner Amer talking about how horrible it was when I could smell all the wonderful food that was being cooked by my mom would meet it. But I couldn't eat anything. And my dad was forcing me to drink water and eat popsicles, and I was miserable. And we were talking about it. And I said and remember when there was the fire in the hospital, and they're like there is no fire in the hospital. Make no no, no, I actually right now, I can smell smelled when I believe that. There was a fire. But there wasn't a fire and you were in a highly suggestive AllState the most suggestive state. And in memory memory is a very tricky thing. Yup. Yup. Yup. So she went on the Tele story about when she became press secretary, Rosie O'Donnell she had a dream that Rosie o'donald said bad things about her. And for a number of years. She always thought Rosie O'Donnell that was so mean of her she found out later. Rosie odonnell never even said anything about her nor even know who she was. So it's it's a classic example of our memories are not what we think they're pretty good. But they're not perfect. So now, you have people coming forward that are talking about the fact that there wasn't that did not happen. Yet, Chris Christine. Ablaze Ford is convinced it did. So did it happen? Or is it her memory playing tricks on her eight five five two nine five sixty six hundred and. If Brett Cavanaugh is he going to get confirmed for the court or? Grudge has a headline has supreme court a woman, and they were talking about this other woman that came forward where the report is those so bad that the New York Times won't even reprint it because of the fact that they think it is journalistically not worthy of printing. Because there's so many gaps so many problems with it. Well, when I saw a woman and I thought about this over the weekend. If Cavanaugh is toast, if he doesn't get through. Then the Republicans need to go. Find a conservative. Woman judge. And submit that and see what happens. Eight five five two nine five sixty six hundred art in Orlando. Hello, art. Hey, Tom as usual usually pretty good at this stuff. But you got this one all wrong. Okay. Why why do I have it wrong? Go ahead because the whole thing is about smoke and mirrors and delaying the con- the confirmation hearing. I I agree with you. I agree with you. That's what they're doing. But in order to shut them down. You've you sometimes have to go through these steps. No to shut them down. They just need to take the vote and do it compromise. We try to find ways to attack each other. And it's just it's out of hand. It's true. But but but get political with me for a minute. This isn't about a. Yeah, I agree with you this. This is a stalling stunt. It has been from moment had happened because then everybody had to keep negotiating if you put the fork or the spoon on the right hand side. I mean, it's down to crazy, but we have on the committee. We have a Republican by the name of Jeff flake. And if you don't get his boat. Then this Gavin on doesn't even get out of committee. He goes home. Well, you gotta get hit. Named then you have to go to the floor of the Senate that you've got Lisa Murkowski, Susan Collins. There's a few others out there that are in states where they want. They better have something to back up. The reason why they voted for cavenaugh. And if they don't have that they're going to vote. No, and he won't make it. So it's down to one vote in the judiciary committee and the Republicans have a margin of one advantage in the floor of the Senate. That's it. But there's two or three of them that are questionable. So you've got to be able to hand them a political. Some some sort of political tool where they can say this is why voted for the guy the cover there. So somebody should tell them the truth that their constituents are gonna remember a no vote a whole lot longer than they're going to remember what? Yes, yes. But this is the other problem with it is the everybody's getting energized by this. This is actually hurting the Democrats when in fact, they thought they could get all kinds of brownie points with the Democrats, and they will. But what they're doing is. They're storied up the Republicans to wear a lot of them were thinking, I'm not going to go vote at the mid term. Now, they're going to go boat. Now, it reminds a lot of Republicans that may not like Donald Trump a whole lot. But they voted for him. Because of the fact that they wanted him to appoint the supreme court justices. And if he doesn't get his supreme court Justice that he wanted you. You watch the Republicans come out in spades. So it's it's Jenny nut both sides. No question about it. Art. I gotta run. But I do appreciate your call very much. We'll be right back. 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