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Lsu what sort of a chance should we give Auburn it's tough stuffed bet on Auburn because they're all fence and last time we saw Bo Nixon a big spotty it wasn't great but I'll tell you this there is nobody that LSU is played that has the monsters upfront like Auburn does yes Florida's good players Upfront Auburn has a slew of really good players that can dominate a game and here's the thing Joe Boroughs and that passing attack all about numbers and it's all about the game and they're gonNA read linebackers and they're gonna read safeties in he's GonNa hold in he's GonNa spit the ball out there quickly and make big plays one thing order didn't that ballgame was Kinda Dare Lsu run the football more consistently now they weren't good enough upfront to stop the run game but they took their chance there. I think and can do the same recipe and they have a better defensive front Derrick Brown and my gosh big cat and Davidson and co they got some dudes up front they can make some place maybe that defensive line can make things hard for for Lsu Joe Borough but if they have a good day and they hold them to twenty eight or thirty one the expect Beau Knicks to go for an score thirty points in death valley that's a tough ask for a true freshman and offense struggled passing the football David auburn's most famous enthusiastic alum Charles Wade Barkley at the airport this morning that's at chuck I'm really fired about fired up about Auburn's chances tomorrow how in Charleston Ho hold on there let's get to crazy so he you know he's a little anxious so you're you're putting voice in reason to that number thirteen Wisconsin Loss Illinois last week which of course for big ten people's unthinkable I cannot see Wisconsin giving Ohio State eight any trouble I think it's an entire beatdown tomorrow am I crazy for thinking that now because when you go back and watch the tape one of the things I was like how did they only know a score and you watch the first play it's a seventy yard RPO slant like okay Ohio State is going to do that but they have better players and then you watch a long touchdown run late Game and they go like fifty three yards or something and it was a zone read with Peter's running his own read who's nothing like just fields and so I think Wisconsin's struggles on defense is going to be athletically trying to keep up with a scheme that they've already shown they struggle with last week with Illinois now sounds steroids and you talk about this Wisconsin Oftens Jack Cohn in the run game has been very average it's really really good defenses so can he be a guy that leads them in in scores a bunch of points start really an offense you know bill for that but the recipe we've seen for for upsets this season and this is GonNa happen they're gonNA have to find a couple of turnovers in play clean on offense and not and not have any turnovers and maybe they have a chance but I think on the same page with you Wisconsin trying to or with Ohio state's not going to be it's not going to be good enough and their defense I don't think in hold on house down the whole time so I expect Ohio state the win by seventeen twenty plus let's let's go to Michigan the coach Jim Harbaugh is now one in ten against top ten teams after losing at Penn state the wolverines hosts number eight Notre Dame on Saturday night tomorrow night should we like his chances to finally get a second win against a top ten team I do I like Michigan as I liked what I saw from Michigan a week ago was the first time I saw an offense of identity they go seven for nine on third down for one hundred plus yards for say Patterson he looked like a guy that negotiated the pocket and look like a quarterback that new his answers for the first time this season against a salty penn state in a tough atmosphere you know what's interesting Tony You bring those numbers right about Jim Harbaugh how bad they struggle you know what Brian Kelly's records on the road against ranked opponents now Tin Oo that's not good who I mean no so I I just think it's interesting we're on horrible all the time and and rightfully so he deserves criticism Brian Kelly has not been great away from home as well with the Irish I think this is I think I like Michigan in this ball game I think I think they're fine defensively they're going to be just fine the weather might get sloppy and that might change conditions but I think Michigan's in a really good spot because I think they have an off it's the first time I've seen this season where I believe their offense has indentity of who they are and who they might be going get you out of here on this you're in Brookings South Dakota for North Dakota State and South Dakota State South Dakota looks very is behind you. I've never been to South Dakota what should we know about this particular match up well it's so cool man because we go all over the place and we don't go to a ton of smaller schools and schools in smaller divisions and most people pay attention just to the top and may two but this is a robbery that's been cooled for the last several years they played last year in the playoffs and South Dakota lost the last person to beat North Dakota State was South Dakota state so instate rival it'd be cool atmosphere how about this I ever in school history South Dakota state sold out their tickets and they have a sold out venues so it's Kinda cool to bring some excitement got the bucket list checked off into South Dakota I don't know if you guys have but I'm I'm down to six now and the states of having we'll we'll yeah we'll bond's a lot closer it mark than I am still still six away now we're seeing the heads if you're in South Dakota go see the heads thank you David thank you dave appreciate it man yes they're thinking as you can catch David in the whole College Game Day team starting at nine am tomorrow let's take one last break still to come the cheats make your decision about Patrick homes and it's the bucks opening night win over the rockets a big deal Tony do about one st is don't you it's main you told me the Code when I was twelve I saw the heads I've nothing like that's the one thing in the United States continental United States I'd like to see the heads eh itself an older that come on take it off twenty first birthday Juan Soto one of the reasons Washington nationals don't Miss Bryce Harper is one Soto has become a big star and then dependable left handed hitter the last two years every second game soda became the youngest one of the youngest players in Major League baseball history to do this or that he bats fourth and he and Atta meeting seemed to be in the middle of every nets Ali are they gonNA keep Ryndam Sodo enroll blaze together can't that be your nucleus nuclear hope they keep them happy anniversary kirk houses on this day four years ago cousins led the Redskins bad from twenty four nothing deficit to beat the bucks after that win cousins famously ran through the tunnel streaming you like that apparently didn't like it enough to keep cousins AFC Alex Smith break his leg and keys case keenum get evaluated for Russian and Dwayne Haskins be too young and too Erin at the moment the redskins stink like Gavin. I want to see Alice myth come back and play oh just lying ah I would like to see that for him love happy trails to the playoffs in the La Galaxy to galaxy loss last night in the L. Traffic match up to L. AFC the three after the game the Galaxy Stars Lon wondered aloud about his future here's his quote I have another two months on my contract if I stayed and MLS is because the whole world will watch it if I don't stay nobody will remember what mls is unquote the thing about that quote is he might be right now Tony minded been riot or something five or seven years ago or even further back in the ninety more come on now and a bonus happy trails to the Andrea Eight last year number one overall pick by the Phoenix Suns has been suspended for twenty five games testing positive for diuretic diuretic some commonly used performance enhancing drugs like everyone else suggest popped eight and said quote this was unintentional mistake and unfortunately I put something in my body that was completely unaware of unquote and you'll pardon my cynicism if I don't believe him or anybody else who says this only he's in the middle of a young players is pretty impressive I think yet eighteen fourteen and four blocked shots in the opener now he goes away and after that encouraging opening night win go come on big finish quick let's look out for Sunday's game against the packers at the right call caution is the right call yes the Patriots traded Michael Bennett to the cowboys for seven is that surprising no they had already suspended him for a game that was it for him the the bucks beat the rockets in Houston was that a big deal hardened didn't shoot onto bullheaded triple double and didn't play the last minute the found out not a big deal though you know Nice results. interesting result college football tonight USC at Colorado who you got I'm all your role we remember. USC USC was great. Of course you're going to pick USC just a muscle memory last one jazz and I know you like them at the Lakers tonight we got if the Lakers don't win this game Tony at Owen one they'll be panic St not picking against the Lakers at home tonight I'm not crazy out of time trying to better the next time I'm Tony Kornheiser I'm Mike Wilbon have a great weekend pared you can now watch full episodes of P._T._I. Every day on E._S._p._N. Dot Com and the.

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