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Bay bridge Richmond, San Rafael bridge. Dumbarton bridge and Benicia bridge. Your next traffic update at eight fifty eight on the traffic leader cave of yet. CBS six day forecast comes to us from KPI x five in KCBS meteorologist Aaron peck. Well, we're not quite done with the isolated thunderstorms just yet, but we are mostly done. We're waiting for the next batch to come through in the later hours tonight between about say ten o'clock tonight and four or five in the morning tomorrow, there's going to be a little impulsive energy that comes through, and we're gonna see a few more isolated thunderstorms. Many of us won't see anything at all. But they could pop up anywhere, and there will be more of them than there were this afternoon. So isolated thunder storms in the overnight hours. Don't be surprised if you hear some thunder off in the distance or maybe even catch a crack of lightning by the time we get to the commute tomorrow. We're done and then the temperatures start to warm up a bit. Everybody comes up just a few degrees for daytime highs tomorrow, and we'll stay that way pretty much seasonal for this time of year with no rain in the forecast all the way through Friday on Saturday. We're going to cool down a bit. But there's no rain in the forecast on Saturday. There are however, a few more showers in the forecast on Sunday, shouldn't be widespread or heavy rain. But we do have a chance for some light rain and flatly cooler temperatures to end the weekend for KCBS radio. I'm meteorologist, Aaron peck, traffic and weather together on the eighth on all news, one, oh, six nine AM, seven forty KCBS. Deborah anger Sohn is at the KCBS editor's desk. As your Newswatch continues governor Gavin Newsom visited Oakland this morning to unveil his new plan to tackle the state's homelessness, problem KCBS.

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