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With police chief jim lance reporting one murder and one rape for twenty seven jane along with solid police work to achieve who's crediting operation angel average were anyone seeking help with an addiction can walk into a police station on the north shore and get help no questions asked ripped that people welcome to our facilities that i'm an addict among these help we really effort to people that didn't go to jail it's fifty people at work bike the for cars stephen roach thefts they've got an island number tudor the new light line says this could be exactly what is needed in the current opioid emergency democratic governor john bell edwards been meeting with republican house speaker tale of beira today continuing negotiations centered on the looming fiscal cliff political analyst bernie pinson it though was skeptical that a deal can be reached by the governor's hopedfor january 19th deadline they haven't done it in the last two years at going into the session it pointed out there's never been an agreement going into the past two sessions where the and house republicans are on the same pay the governor today said that january nineteen deadline wasn't a hard deadline as long as he thought both sides were making progress president trump speaks to america's farmers cbs news update nations farmers are just the most incredible people and we are doing a job for you you're seeing it like nobody out president trump speaking now in nashville telling the american farm bureau federation that the tax plan that passed congress last month will be of help regulation death facts so much europe big beneficiary a year really producing like nobody else cbs's errol burnett says the white house has trimmed regulation is with independent fathers points to the trauma thet practices rolled that trump administration rescinded last year and essentially gives bombers reason and the ability to bring charges against any multinational corporations they feel that they've been treated unfairly by we.

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