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Okay now i would argue that um and it may be i i don't have grounds to argue but i didn't do something reprehensible about not valuing truth uh and lying all the time hang on a minute who's not valuing truth trump and you're making out amount of a sweeping assumptions here i making assumptions based on a lot of things these terror he said he in fact any allies all the giants the truth who does for instance in the trump for instance in the charlottesville episode a few days ago he was talking about the truth of the event and that you know he wants to act on the facts and that's why he said there were violence on both sides or many sides because that's what he had seen on the video that he was presented with and he didn't you know he couldn't save was only violence from one side even though that may have been the most politically expedient thing to say at the time he won't he said he wanted the facts so you know he makes noises to suggest that he does consider faxed to have value i okay but i mean that that's your take on situation but considering he lies all the time i don't think that he's nothing oldest win because so many last night on july all the tac does you're you're making a mess no he malkey generalized does jeff he just lies all the time so he he yes he does yes he does he lies all the climate on because all was when the everything he says is alive when the facts don't su everything he says is obviously of everything but when the fact that not all the time jeff disappointing to semantics when the facts don't suit him he will lie about them until lot until he could no longer lie about them a good example is this whole russian business like him and all his surrogates were all was lying about what kind of relations relationship they had with russia and what their dealings were until they could no longer lie and then they would start admitting stuff when lying they now.

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