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What this story has us written all over it. Sex, sex and more sex, sex, sex and more sex. In beer and rock and roll. What more could jazz for saying there's like a weird priest? A local band measures all kinds of stuff involved were, of course, talking about the judge Gentry. Ah fiasco in northern Kentucky. Yeah, well, we haven't talked about it. I know Willie is. You know this has got him all aroused, but you know you and I haven't touched it to this point, and I thought because it's kind of it is wrapped up. It's in the judicial panels. Hands right now is the way I understand it. Let's talk to a guy who's covered it extensively for the Enquirer. Scott work a Wortmann welcome back to the program. Well, thank you for having me. Yeah. Yeah, You think so? Am I wrong there? This is now in the hands of Ah judicial panel. You are correct. It's not a criminal trial, so it didn't work like a jury. Where they they come out with a verdict is going to come out the panel, which is called judges, they're actually the dentist on there. They're going to come out with a written decision basically whether Judge don gentry violated any any judicial codes and precepts Announced and Scott You did a great job of summarize in this whole thing in the Enquirer because it's there's many moving parts and it's hard to understand. But now me, obviously, I've followed it and I read your whole piece and I've talked to some people over northern Kentucky and Everyone said Judge. You know, don gentry is a great judge does a great job and all that sort of thing. But, you know, maybe you might have been going through. Ah, bad partner marriage and things like that wand up, you know, having affair all these sorts of things, But so the question comes down to is this you know, by the letter of the law, something that should get her kicked off the bench or just something that has looked as Look, this is kind of beneath the position and she needs to kind of resigned herself or or go go somewhere. Well, it wasn't what I would say It was a consensus as faras her ability as a judge, because Which is why the case was brought. She has her critics, people that said that she played favoritism and politics with these judicial panel that are designed to help Children that are abused. And that's where faras the actual violation that wore a lot of the the the the heart of the violations and accusations against her that could get her in trouble. Preside. But as her defense attorney said that the case infected by sex, which is the has a ring to it, Yeah, that's a headliner. All there. My friend is goingto there's going to be on Dateline with that guy. Dogs like That was one Rose came into the case. Reported by the New York Post over the weekend, So it's well on its way to Dave. I've explained, explained Scott, Stephen Penrose in your and the pace you You alluded into like a Rasputin kind of figure. He's a pastor. He was a member of the band with her, and I guess sound had the hot for her and she didn't really have the hot for him. But kind of was very influential person. Ah, dear friend kind of thing, explained his role. Wow what I began and yet a defense pretty much blame. Most of The transgression than the wild behavior in her office on him. Instead of the sort of we don't know. He didn't show up the court On Wednesday, the the prosecutor said that they served him a subpoena. He didn't show up. His attorney says that The the Judicial Conduct Commission never left a message for Mom when he should show up. So who knows what exactly happened there, But we didn't get to hear his side of the story, which Not a great ad for the mystery, but basically ah She was a he was Don Gentili family court judges specialists, but she knew him because he went to church Did Heywood pastor the church in Bromley? In Kentucky in northern Kentucky. They were bandmates. They were in this cover band called South of Cincy. And courthouse employees testified that there were rumors going around that they were having an affair that there were three involved. Judge Dent Gentry denied that, saying that there was no sexual relationship, but she did admit Hey, I said, Hey, center nude photos that she kept on her phone. And she seemed to have a tough time explaining that to the commission there, the commission kind of grilled her on that it did raise some questions why her pastor was sending her nude photos. Well, what about approaching the secretary about involving and herself in some A recent movie. That was another interesting thing because the secretary also deny that there was any sexual relationship, but he quaint The courthouse employees there were maybe three or 45. Several courthouse employees that testified hearing heavy breathing moaning to female voices coming from Penrose is office. And the secretary Laura Aubrey, who was Judge Gentry secretary. In. Gentry also backed up. This version said there was a praying they said that there were rumors going around about the sexual shenanigans. That they were up to, and they go well. Let's have fun with this. If that is the case..

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