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At risk of major change fascinating and selfishly for me trying to figure out how i get my cut bright now it's time for straight talk brought to you by straight talk wireless best phones best networks no contracts and we got to figure out what the hell to do with this western conference finals because it was overwhelming last night and in my mind one particular player was more overwhelming than the rest that kevin durant he looked un's this is the time of year what happened last year remember like it was yesterday but this wait until the finals when we saw kevin durant going up against the brown james because there was no one on the court for houston that had any chance of actually slowing down kevin durant last night you look at his numbers by against individual defenders in isolation in game one he was three or four against james harden three of three against pj tucker one for one against chris paul one of two against one of one against mahmoud one on one against cappella everyone was getting these buckets from katie lebron's usually the only guy can even slow him down last year kevin durant hits that step in three pointer over lebron james a we all kind of gasped and we're wondering if we've seen a change in guard and then lebron wow us for an entire postseason this year kevin durant and golden state they're laying in the cut doing what they normally do and then all of a sudden we start to get to these big stages again and we think out loud like is kevin durant vet do now like is that the baddest guy out there because it looks so effortless and when he's playing confident we understand confidence isn't something we always associate with the guy firing up the burner accounts but when he's stepping into shots confidently when he's attacking the lane turning around and shooting jumpers without a second thought he looks like the best player in the world and it messes with my head because we've watched the brian james do it all throughout this postseason run on a team that doesn't get him nearly as much help and yet kevin durant on a court where he rightly gets criticism at times for playing with a team full of hall of.

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