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We are back one thing. We should mention too much has not been officially seven the blue. But rose will defend her belt against Jessica on drudge those according to Dana white who is yes, he is an employee of the of C I understand who she is ranked number one over you ought to JJ who's been dropped down to number two. I guess after three straight losses now. Yes. The two rows. And then she just lost Valentina. But that was up close, obviously. But he is still a loss. And you wonder what does that do to join his psyche? If anything she was twelve am I wrong with twelve now, she's twelve and three. Yeah. I can check. I think you're right unless you had an loss earlier in her career now she was undefeated undefeated. And I wonder what these losses due because that first one was such a devastating loss. First round tap out due to strikes and the second one was very good. She said she was better trained, and she the way cut wasn't as bad. And they went the distance that you lost. She clearly lost as she clearly lost the sheets. She won the second one. Well, she might be somebody thought that are Lobski one twenty seven fucking thirty twenty seven over Walt Harris, she was fourteen and then she lost a rose twice. Then we forgot she BT Chautauqua is and then she lost three of four. But okay. Okay. So she did come back and have a win after did you teasha by decision? That was decision. Yes. She's not not anybody out. And I think that for fighters who are always winning or losing by decision at adds a lot around. Oh, for sure I mean, her knockouts came earlier. Against Jessica Panay, Carla spars owner I fight, but they were volume knockouts. You know, I it wasn't like she was just one punch knocking people out that size. It's a little tougher. But that's what's interesting about Jessica on drums who who has ridiculous power at one hundred fifteen pounds. She just knocked out the Carolina. What's what's her record? Let's double check. The. She is nineteen and six one three straight clogging daily, teasha tours and caroliina she knocked out with. Pretty devastating fashion. And what Jimmy exactly who do you think Amanda fights next? Oh, man, put up the where where am I I'm guessing calendar if she's hoping is defeat I wanna say she's nine an hour. My completely often which division we're talking about. Now now that she's a chill bantamweight. Now. She's a chance there's really nobody else's featherweight and the beating was so bad. You can't justify a rematch yet with looking right here. You had it on the road one. No, no. I just had I had scroll down. So you could see the rest of the she'd never fought Holly amend, Holly. She hasn't right? No. That could be that. That's number two. Germain matched up to Aspen lad, those. She has coming up. She's not Holly take again. That's an interesting holiday take because she's going down to fighting number seven. But why not hold out for cancer gun is already? On their Nghien. Megan she counted as Richie she's not a bantam, she fed away..

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