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By Eller, Christian juice at the left point rips it vitalising net. It's gonna pinball a plot and the lightning near corner. Trying to execute a clear Hagler to keep right point Carlson zips Xiaoyi rate, you bet as Lucile on the far side Haglund keeps it alive in the left circle. Pass picked up by Polat pop it out to stamkos at center ice. Couldn't get his. Possession tied into the offensive zone. Taken away by Berkovsky website feed. Juice jabs it in Haglund lightning far corner is flattened the heart, Jack, and Elaine, you're going to be shorthanded Colbert, go here. Fans disagree. Cops are going to get their third power plant. Called night. Thirty one of the second. Boarding as the call. Yeah. I could see the numbers and he rate between the numbers that often will get you two minutes of the box. So the cops who are one for two tonight of the power play will go on their third opportunity. Backstrom podcast to the right of Ashkelon maximum thrown out. Because that's off instead. He wins.

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